Bathroom Reorganizing Tips

Recently we redecorated our ensuite bathroom, which inspired us to get our all of our bathrooms a little more user friendly as well. Here are a few ways we used our space to be more functional.

Everything Has a Place

The boys were just tossing their toothbrushes into a drawer in their bathroom, which caused for a lot of toothbrush sharing as they would just pull one out and use it at random. Makes me kind of squeamish just thinking about it!  I hit the dollar store to fix this problem and organize their drawer with plastic trays. Priced at 2 for $1.50, I bought 2 and straightened things up for just $3.

Yes, they do have a lot of toothbrushes and they do still love their soft baby brush, it doesn’t hurt like a real brush! Mostly they use mine though. lol

bathroom organization

A Step Up

The other problem in the boy’s bathroom was that they couldn’t reach the taps for brushing their teeth very well. They were using an old potty that none of them ever used for training to get the height they needed. With the seat down it made a pretty handy stool but only one could use it at a time and this ended in a good amount of pushing and whining. The other boys climbed on the counter to brush their teeth. It was time to solve the problem and I wasn’t liking anything we saw in stores. Hubster to the rescue! Daddy built the boys a handy new stool that looks great, matches the bathroom decor and is big enough for two boys to share at once.

bathroom organization

Looking Polished

My nail polish collection keeps growing and growing, and while I hate to complain about such a glorious thing, the real dilemma was finding somewhere to store it. I have moved it around to different spots and before this they were laying down in a pull out drawer. This is not good for polish, nail polish was meant to be stored upright and it will separate when laying down. Plus, we have limited storage as is, in our ensuite and needed that drawer for other things. Hubster to the rescue again! He made me these fun and functional little shelves for inside our cabinet doors. Now they are upright and aren’t taking up any drawer space at all! If your Hubby isn’t up for the task, buying some inexpensive spice racks should do the trick. 

So what do you think? What are some of your tips for keeping organized in the smallest room in your house?


  1. that nail polish shelf is great. I need one! (or 2)

  2. Love your collection!
    I am scared to think what would happen if I had that in my bottom cabinet and my kids discovered it. My bathroom and the kids would be very colorful, lol

  3. Boy you are really organized. Love it! That is quite the nail polish collection lol

  4. WOW!!! Could you please come over to my house and organize it for me? You are so awesome!!

  5. Nice!! I’m in nail polish envy! I love that shelf!
    My only organizational feature in my bathroom is the small plastic 3-drawer shelf that I bought. It sits in the cabinet and holds all my make-up and hair accessories.

  6. OMG girl – look at your nail polish collection!

  7. Great tips…and..WOW…that’s a lot of nail polish!! 🙂

  8. So neat. OMG. Love it. I especially love the nail polish case! WICKED.

  9. Good tips. I am currently working on refinishing an old spice rack to hold my nail polish. I don’t have quite as much as you though. 😉

  10. Insane Mamacita says:

    Great tips and tricks! We use a potty training potty as a stool too. hehe!

    And wow, love those nail polish shelves. Would you believe if I told you I don’t own one bottle of polish? I did own three but recently threw them away as they were a few years old and never used.

    • well that is definitely hard to believe, my OPI giveaway ended last night or I would have made you go enter! lol

  11. These are such great ideas! I love the nail polish storage….so creative 🙂

  12. Might need you to lend out Hubby! Great idea about the spice racks!

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