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Cruise vacations enable people to enjoy spectacular views of diverse natural features and ambience that may otherwise not have been possible. It is then understandable when one realises that cruises from UK are slowly becoming increasingly popular among individuals who to experience unparalleled beauty and biodiversity. While a cruise vacation to Norway might not sound exciting as exciting as going to the Caribbean to some people, it is actually not less exciting.

What to Expect on a Cruise Vacation to Norway
Norway offers something for every person going on a cruise vacation there. The country boasts of a very long coastline, which is actually the second-longest in the world and has over 40 ports and destinations. You will be afforded the opportunity to enjoy untainted, fresh air and scenic views of impressive waterfalls pouring down mountainsides and off cliffs as well as those of mountain farms and picturesque villages. This means you will no doubt return from your vacation well-refreshed in mind and body.
Among the main things that people usually look forward to on a cruise to Norway are the fjords. The Norwegian fords, which were carved several millions of years ago by glaciers, are rated the most unspoiled travel destination in the world. You will certainly be wowed moving through these fjords. The most spectacular and popular of these, perhaps, is Geiranger, which boasts a stunning mountainous backdrop as well as the Seven Sisters waterfall.
A cruise to Norway from the UK is not just about the scenic views. There is also opportunity to engage in some interesting on-shore activities such as kayaking, bird watching, hiking, excursions and museum visits.
When to Go
Most cruises usually run from May through September. However, the peak period for cruises to Norway is from June to August, as the day is longest then and the weather is warmest. There is no limitation on when to go really, with some lines sailing all year round. Highlights of a UK cruise to Norway usually include Bergen, Geiranger, Flam, Nordfjord and Stavanger. It helps to have access to a balcony cabin to better relish the views.
A UK cruise to Norway is worth signing up for by anyone looking to connect with nature. The beauty of this Scandinavian location is simply awesome. You should not wait to be told what the experience is like. Go and experience it first-hand.


Disclosure: This is post was written and submitted by Chrysty Miles

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