Age is just a number, Olay Ageless #Giveaway

Sooooo…… a blogger you all know and love is turning the BIG 4-0 next month. Yup, I’m a February baby so I’ve been busy this week renewing my health card and drivers license and all that jazz. Not that I needed a reminder that my 40th was coming up quickly or anything, in fact, I kind of just thinking of myself as forty months ago. It’s here, why not embrace it.

The good news is, I can still pass for much younger. My kids ages don’t even give me away because I know plenty of Mama’s far younger than me with kids the same age! There are definitely other things that do give me away though. This past weekend I was quizzing my oldest in the van on the way to skating lessons on the names of all the provinces. I called Nunavut the ‘new’ province. Yeah, well to me it’s new, it was not a province when I was growing up. It definitely didn’t show up on any of my Geography tests since I was 23 when it became our newest Canadian territory.

Or the times when my boys are watching tv and I jump on the couch with them exclaiming, “I love this show!” and then realize they are watching the Retro TV Channel. Oy, my childhood is now considered retro. wow.

Well, age really is just a number! Did you know that Canadian women no longer feel defined by their chronological age? In fact, 90 per cent even believe age will become less relevant as the years go on.

In December, Olay unveiled their Ageless program – an initiative that explores how Canadian women and their counterparts around the globe think about aging and expectations when it comes to beauty.

Olay is encouraging women to share their own age ‘giveaways’ like having a teenager or your groovy dance moves!

So what gives your age away?

The older gentleman on your arm? Your love for retro cartoons? lol Let those little things be the only thing that gives you away!

Olay giveaway prize

Share with me your age ‘giveaway’ in the comments below and enter to win an Olay Ageless Prize Pack valued at $165

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  • Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum
The products mentioned above were provided free of charge. Regardless, I was not obligated to feature this item and all opinions expressed belong to Mom vs. the Boys and are not influenced in any way.


  1. Melinda Jana says:

    My laugh lines and music play list

  2. The type of music I listen to as well as those few greys peaking out show my age

  3. I’m told I look young for my age but perhaps the way I dress gives some hint to my real age. I dress in comfortable but maybe older styles for my age.

  4. Gillian Morgan says:

    I don’t think I have an age giveaway. Most people think I’m a 12 year old. Its actually quite embarrassing when a cop thinks I borrowed my parents car for a “joyride” without a licence. I am 24.

  5. I would definitely say all my new grey hair!

  6. my new grey hair!

  7. Anne Taylor says:

    My gray hair and the wrinkles around my eyes give me away!

  8. The fine lines, the grey hair oh and the old hands..when did that happen..old hands!!

  9. My hands give my age away. I look a lot younger than I am but my hands tell the real story.

  10. Holly MacRitchie says:

    My wrinkles give away my age

  11. MY GREYS!

  12. Lynda Cook says:

    What gives my age away is having grandkids and my eye glasses!

  13. 2 30 something step daughters..8 step grand kids, a young adult son and my 13 year old daughter…

  14. Rosanne Robinson says:

    I’m 65 years old, so I have wrinkles around my eyes, forehead & mouth.

  15. rebecca day says:

    all my grey hair

  16. soha molina says:

    My grey hair

  17. kathy downey says:

    My grey and wrinkles gives your age away?

  18. Michelle S says:

    The white hair that comes in right in the part of my hair and slightly due to a couple of dark spots on my face.

  19. My hands give my age away. They are so wrinkled and dry.

  20. Those grey hairs peeking through and fine lines.

  21. Wendy hutton says:

    my grey hair gives my age away

  22. Chandra O'Connor says:

    My wrinkles definitely

  23. Florence C says:

    My wrinkles and grey roots give my age away.

  24. Unfortunately my wrinkles give my age away!

  25. Suzanne G says:

    My hands are definitely my giveaway.

  26. Michelle Armstrong says:

    I would have to say my hands. They are cracked and bleeding and always dry

  27. Well! My hair is completly white. I finally died it. I have a 13yr. old daughter and everyone thinks I am her granny. I am old enough to be her granny and our 2 older kids are old enough to be her parents. So I could use any help I can get whith wrinkles and bags. I am a January baby and I will be 57.

  28. Karin Dollery says:

    My wrinkles and I am starting to see some grey.

  29. loucheryl says:

    If I don’t colour my hair, my grey would give me away. I also have lines right by my eyebrows that are visible. Oh well. What can I do? I don’t want to get Botox. I’m just going to live with my lines. 🙂

  30. wanda macsween says:

    My fine lines and dark under eyes!

  31. Michelle H. says:

    Fine lines on my forehead.

  32. I first noticed my age by my hands, I looked down one day and saw my mothers hands.

  33. Hollie Jahnke says:

    My gray hair for sure!!

  34. Holly O'Gorman says:

    Smile creases.

  35. Tricia Cooper says:

    My age giveaway is when my grey hairs pop through and the music I enjoy. Although, I recently celebrated my birthday and someone thought I was my sister’s age — 8 years younger than I actually am!

  36. ivy pluchinsky says:

    my grey hair gives me away!

  37. brenda disimone says:

    laugh lines and grey hair

  38. Erinn Lishman says:

    Besides my grey hair and the three little kids I have trailing behind me, I’d have to say it’s my refusal to wear tights- something all teenagers seem to love to do!

  39. Grey hair….i am pretty lucky that I don’t have a lot of lines….I sometimes think my hands show my age!

  40. My hands look very old.

  41. The wrinkles on my forehead and grey hair give my age away.

  42. The music I like listening to gives away my age every time.

  43. Karla Sceviour says:

    I have fine lines around my eyes

  44. Steven weber says:

    the fact that I have a ton of gray hair.. im only 30!!!

  45. natasha lamoreux says:

    My grey hair and wrinkles around my eyes give my age away.

  46. my hands and the lack of sunscreen i wore in my youth

  47. Christine W says:

    the fine lines by my eyes

  48. Linda Szymoniak says:

    Gray hair and the start of wrinkles.

  49. my wisdom – lol

  50. Jamie Anders Martin says:

    my eyes are showing my age.

  51. My age is revelled by the lines by my eyes

  52. Not getting enough sleep makes me look older it exaggerates fine lines and shadows. I often fawn over that section in the drugstore . I love the body wash products been using it for years and I am just finishing up the Olay regenerist eye cream I bought for half off.

  53. Louise Gilbert says:

    I have always looked younger then my age. ever one things I’m about 10-12 years younger then what I am

  54. My kids give my age away.

  55. Tainan Lu says:

    wrinkles give away my age

  56. My teenagers give away my age haha

  57. I would have to say, my body gives my age away. I move like an old lady, and there is no more bounce in my step

  58. James Robert says:

    I am entering for my sister who is worrying about wrinkles and fine lines around her eyes

  59. my graying hair as I don’t colour it

  60. My gray hair.

  61. My 3 kids give my age away! lol

  62. The stray greys on my head and my teenage son give away my age

  63. The lines around my eyes and the sun spots on my shoulders

  64. LILLIAN BROWN says:

    That’s easy…my grey thinning hair and my wrinkles

  65. Elizabeth R says:

    Oh it is definitely my hands, those pesky age spots.

  66. Monique L.S. says:

    My hands are probably my worst age giveaway.

  67. My fine lines around my eyes and my grandsons give my age away.

  68. sabina edwards says:

    ALL my grey hairs – POOF another ones sprouts out

  69. i have soem greys and some fine lines around my eyes

  70. Nate Fuller says:

    White hair in my beard!

  71. Amy Heffernan says:

    My gray hair!

  72. BlessedTA says:


  73. I think my hands give my age away

  74. My gray hairs gives away my age. 🙁

  75. All the glitter in my hair gives away my age!

  76. My hands and brown spots

  77. Angela Massis says:

    The lines around my eyes and loss of volume in my face

  78. Chantelle A says:

    my nearly 16 year old son

  79. Tracy Robertson says:

    Oh, tough question because I don’t like to think that I give my age away, but I guess my hair when I don’t constantally touch it up.

  80. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Definitely my grey hair, found my first ones at 21! I’ve been colouring for about 30 yrs. The grey roots grow back so quickly that I’ve now altered my colour to medium blonde from dark blonde. At least now it’s not quite as noticeable. 🙂

  81. Maritess S says:

    My hair and brown spots on my face.

  82. Sunshine G says:

    I make Gilligan’s Island jokes – enough said.

  83. Judy Cowan says:

    My grey hair and the 80’s playlist on my Ipod 🙂

  84. My love for life ! That I share with the love of my life !

  85. ALL my grey hairs

  86. My attitude, my language, my walk…ok, seriously, my skin is beginning to look like my mothers’! EEK!

  87. My white hairs? Lol

  88. andrea amy says:

    Fine lines, and my 21 year old son (sure giveaway of my age lol)

  89. The wrinkles around my eyes give my age away.

  90. Ingrid Jackson says:

    My music I listen to usually. I love the oldies but goodies!

  91. Wayne Lecoy says:

    It would be great to win an Olay Ageless Prize Pack.
    In response to your question of
    What gives your age away?
    The grey hair in my beard makes me look older than my age of 45
    but when i am clean shaven i look younger.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  92. Probably my grey hairs and the few lines around my eyes.

  93. Elizabeth Vlug says:

    My grey hair, until I cover it and then I am young again for another 4-6 weeks 😉

  94. Pearl Saban says:

    The fine lines on my hands and neck.

  95. Carol Denny says:

    The lines around my eyes and my hands

  96. I like to think I’m still young and hip, but the grey hair (all in one spot) is what I point to when I still get ID’d as a 36 year old. I’d point to my eye wrinkles, but the grey hair is less embarrassing (I actually don’t mind and I don’t try to cover it up) Wrinkles on the other hand…
    I also am starting to notice that I get ID’d less when wearing glasses, and my theory is that my glasses magnify my wrinkles!

  97. My fine lines around my eyes.

  98. the wrinkles around my eyes are my age give away.

  99. Haroon Khan says:

    Wrinkles around my eyes.

  100. Marti Tabora says:

    For me it’s the deep line that goes right in between my eyebrows, I swear I need some Botox or something for that.

  101. The music I listen to gives my age away.

  102. Elva Roberts says:

    I appear to be one of those lucky (?) people who make people gasp when they learn my age. I was once (yearsgo) asked if my daughter(beside me) was my sister!. I don’t think she was too pleased. However all my daughters are young-looking for their age. Age is only a number after all. If you exeercise and look after yourself , life is good.

  103. Angela Mitchell says:

    My wrinkles, my taste in music and y “sayings” all give me away.

  104. Belinda McNabb says:

    my laugh lines, 80’s music enjoyment and teenage son are my giveaways

  105. My hair color & wrinkle lines give my age away

  106. My hair color & wrinkle lines give my age away the fastest

  107. AnnMarie Hill says:

    The squint lines around my eyes.

  108. Brenda Penton says:

    I’ve been getting more lines around my eyes in the last few years.

  109. Some age spots on my hands

  110. Catharine says:

    My hands, my sagging neck and my dry skin.

  111. My reading glasses and teenage kids give me away

  112. Jessica Gengler says:

    My fine lines around my mouth give away my age

  113. My eye wrinkles!

  114. I have some grey hair, which I color.

  115. My skin gives me away!

  116. ERIN MCSWEENEY says:


  117. Skiffywife says:

    I think my references to “ancient” things probably gives my age more than my looks-or it could be my cataracts are blurring my perception

  118. wrinkles

  119. My skin gives my age away. Dryness and fine lines.

  120. My kids gives away my age. I look young and have a 25 yr old daughter. People always ask if she is a step daughter and when I say no they say must of had her very young

  121. DeAnna Keller says:

    My gray hair and my skin

  122. Elaine Laforge says:

    My wrinkles around my eyes

  123. Alison Braidwood says:

    No wrinkles yet, really. But I’m going white at my temples, if you look closely. I”m blonde so it doesn’t show that much, and I don’t care enough to do much about it ….yet.

  124. Age is just a number

  125. Catherine R. says:

    My love of 80’s rock and my 25 and 21 year old sons.

  126. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    The wrinkles around my eyes.

  127. angela september says:

    I am 34 and still look like i’m 17 lol but I am getting some lines around my lips like the deep smile creases so I’d love to head those off at the pass!

  128. Wrinkles around the eyes.

  129. My kids are my age giveaway 🙂

  130. my greys….and probably the music I listen to!

  131. My laugh lines and the crease on my forehead. Definitely not my attitude, though! You are only as old as you feel.

  132. Julie Smith says:

    I have puffy under eyes – no wrinkles, but that puffiness really ages me.

  133. Donna Harris says:

    Before I got ill eleven years ago I looked younger than my age. Now I look at least ten years older than my age because of some gray hair, wrinkles on face, neck and even my hands, yes my hands give it away more. I still wear blue jeans, t-shirts/sweatshirts, tennis shoes and even a ponytail hoping that I will look younger but to tell the true, I’m old!

  134. heather sibley says:

    The music I listened to in high school is now classic rock. it freaks me out.

  135. Suzanne Howe says:

    My wrinkled neck gives my age away.

  136. My grey hair and love of classic rock

  137. Melanie Barclay says:

    fine lines, wrinkles, grey hair and my two kids who love to tell everyone how old i am.

  138. I’ve always heard that what gives people’s age away is their neck and their hands. They may have had facelifts and botox but look at their wrinkly necks and age-spotted hands and you will see their true selves.

  139. My hair color with a touch of grey around the temples.

    Also, that I like the old time rock and roll., gives away my
    What a great
    swag pack of useful high quality Olay products.

  140. josephine evans says:

    No wrinkles yet although sometimes my face is puffy & dry

  141. Maria McLachlan says:

    I think my skin is starting to show, few lines a couple of grays.

  142. My 7 year old likes to announce my age (and any other biographical information) to everyone she meets, so I guess she gives my age away 🙂

  143. My age giveaway is the music that I listen to.

  144. My knowledge of 80s pop trivia and music!

  145. My dark circles under my eyes.

  146. Bridgett Wilbur says:

    Besides my wrinkles I would have to say my hairstyle.

  147. Its definitely my grey hair that makes me look older

  148. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    I think my choice of music gives me away

  149. JOANNE FRANK says:

    its my gray hair 🙁

  150. Grey’s and wrinklies

  151. My fine lines and wrinkles under my eyes helps give my age away!

  152. lynn clayton says:

    when i start sinning the tunes the grochery store plays

  153. Anu Chopra says:

    My gray hairs and crow’s feet near eyes!

  154. Esther Abel says:

    Definitely my wrinkles Xx

  155. Erica Seaman says:

    I am starting to see some fine line and tiny wrinkles and a few grey hair 🙂

  156. I still listen to 80’s music and i have crows feet 🙁

  157. Rosa Cross says:

    Probably my hair or wrinkles.

  158. Donna Harris says:

    I walk so slow and crippled up.

  159. My hands and face give away my age 🙁

  160. lisa neutel says:

    the grey in my hair and the lines and wrinkles on my face give my age away

  161. chickie brewre says:

    My lines and my face… 🙂

  162. My neck gives my age away

  163. My love of bell-bottoms!

  164. My neck is starting to droop!!! aaah! And often I find the music in stores TOO LOUD!

  165. wanda macsween says:

    My eyes definitely give away my age, the lines and darkness underneath.

  166. jordan alice says:

    haha my sudden discomfort being around rowdy bars/streets. Used to totally be my scene 😉

  167. My hair

  168. My hands

  169. Debbie White Beattie says:

    I can be defined by my musical eras for instance; Michael Jackson came to greatness on his own when I was in grade 7 & 8; Madonna, Bon Jovi and Whitney were at the start of greatness when I was in high school; Now I’ve got wrinkles around my eyes and mouth, I’ve gained weight and can’t seem to lose it.

  170. Erika Letson says:

    I think my taste in music and my dance moves definitely gives my age away!

  171. my hair and apparently bags under my eyes

  172. Sheila Dhinel says:

    I would love to win this package its amazing and would help!

  173. Swapandeep says:


  174. what gives my age away… Well I guess it would be my choice of music ( even though that would be my parents choice, too) or more likely my refusal to accept the lack of respect, and total ignorance of the English language of some younger people. Yup,I’m old-fashioned.

  175. invasion of grey hairs and crows feet

  176. -. My grey hairs give me away but most people think I am ten younger then I am

  177. My crows feet for sure, never thought I would get them so quickly.

  178. Danielle D says:

    Grey hair

  179. My hands and crows feet give my age away.

  180. Mary Anne LaRocque-Ouamar says:

    I think if I let my grey grow out ppl will overshoot my age. White hair shows up easy when the rest is black. For now ppl think I am younger than my age. BTW ladies I protect my hands almost everytime when washing dishes etc.

  181. Barbara Adkins says:

    I love these products!

  182. Barbara Adkins says:

    My hands…and my laugh lines

  183. Lately, all the actors I grew up watching on TV are passing away at ripe old ages.

  184. Ann Fantom says:

    My gray hair gives my age away

  185. The lines around the eyes

  186. Margaret Smith says:

    The dark circles under my eyes and my laugh lines and crow feet.

  187. All the grey hairs that are starting to appear!

  188. Fine lines

  189. What shows my age is my grey hair and my skin isn’t as firm as it used to be.

  190. MelanieGrr says:

    My worry lines on my forehead…ugh 🙁

  191. Richard Hicks says:

    The micro wrinkles give my age away!

  192. Cynthia C says:

    The lines around my eyes and mouth give my age away.

  193. Tari Lawson says:

    Age spots give my age away.

  194. Michelle Garrity says:

    My neck!

  195. ruth moreira-lozon says:

    Probably the music I listen to give my age away more than any physical trait. I love 70s and 80s music, and I still think the 90s were 10 years ago! Thank you for the opportunity, this would be great to share with my mom.

  196. The two little boys following me around, screaming MOM!

  197. my wrinkles and greying hair

  198. Monique Rizzo says:

    Wrinkles give my age away! Thank you for the chance.

  199. Debbi Wellenstein says:

    I am 66 years old, and I look it! Wrinkles, gray hair, flabby skin, the works!

  200. The bags under my eyes! and that my daughter is taller than me lol

  201. Jennifer Dunaway says:

    MY face is starting to wrinkle giving my age away.

  202. Travelbuds says:

    I would have to say my grey hair at my temples gives my age away. That and the wrinkles around my eyes.

  203. I’m still only 20 but I would give this gift to my mother! I’m sure when I get older it’ll be gray hair. That’s the only thing my mother has so far.

  204. My graying hair, my fine wrinkles around my eyes and on my forehead as well as my bags under my eyes

  205. My grey roots since I never have time to get my hair done!

  206. Lisa o shea says:

    The things I know about life

  207. My 3 kids. Mostly because they like to tell people how old I am on a regular basis

  208. The few grey hairs that I have to pluck.

  209. My gray roots show my age

  210. Daniela Plume says:

    my hands

  211. kathy thorn says:

    My wrinkles give my age away.

  212. Barb Minnick says:

    Love oil of olay

  213. Wendy Jensen says:

    My wrinkles gives my age away.

  214. Mary Warner says:

    The spots on my hands give my age away.

  215. Kim Scobie says:

    My taste for early punk rock definitely dates me.

  216. Carolyn Flanagan says:

    I’m getting gray hair 🙁

  217. Grey hair and wrinkles

  218. All that grey hair gives my age away.

  219. My neck gives me away, as well as my willful distance from social media.

  220. TJ Turnbull says:

    my wrinkles around my mouth and of course my hands

  221. Wanda Jean P says:

    My son’s age 32 on February 6th (Happy Birthday to you). my taste in music..60’s, 70’s mostly and my greying hair and my wrinkles.

  222. Maureen Anderson says:

    Neck sagging. Accept it, I guess.

  223. The fine lines around my eyes and the dark circles under them.

  224. Heather Swanson says:

    your hands

  225. Julie bolduc says:

    My gray hair

  226. The fine lines around my eyes

  227. My wisdom :p

  228. aarone mawdsley says:

    my chubby cheeks

  229. My passport gives my age away

  230. Laugh lines

  231. Marlene V says:

    My old lady hands and legs!!

  232. My face has a lot of lines and my eyes are horrible , i look older then I am , so people say 🙁

  233. Sophia Do says:

    I am new to such products but I am getting more lines. To protect my self from the time:)

  234. Knowing the theme songs from all the kids shows. 🙂

  235. My cd collection!

  236. Sandy Couzens says:

    Being married almost 37 years gives my age away. And that darn mirror !!! But I am enjoying life 🙂 Thank you for this much needed giveaway 🙂

  237. sabina edwards says:

    I won this on another blog so PLEASE delete my entries and thanks OLAY

  238. my grey hair

  239. My gray hair gives me away

  240. The toys my daughter plays with… she has my old my little ponies, care bears and pound puppies!

  241. my wrinkles

  242. Tammy Dalley says:

    fine lines around my eyes

  243. MY kids tell me my dance moves and choice of music gives my age away.

  244. Katharine W says:

    My age can only be given away based on how I feel and I feel like a young adult these days however only recently have I noticed some wrinkles.

  245. michelle hebert says:

    i think the dark circles around my eyes give my age away

  246. Juliee Fitze says:

    The laugh lines around my eyes give my age away.

  247. the grey above my temples

  248. Wanda Jean P says:

    Having a son 32 and grandson 10, gives my age away

  249. Clare O'Brien says:


  250. Being married 30+ years gives my age away!

  251. deb jensen says:

    I look young for my age so I would like to continue that!

  252. My graying hair

  253. Nicole C. says:

    I have a 25-year old son – it gives my age away lol!

  254. my old lady neck

  255. My taste in music

  256. Carey Hurst says:

    Honestly i look no where near my actual age, I have fine lines but I dont show my age .

  257. Leslie Crosbie says:

    My 3 teenage boys, 18yrs son & 16yr old twin boys that all tower over me are a dead giveaway to my age!!

  258. Wanda Jean P says:

    The wrinkles around my eyes gives my age away

  259. Johanne D says:

    The dark circles under my eyes

  260. The fine lines at the corners of my eyes give my age away!

  261. laura feist says:

    my wrinkles

  262. Grey hair is slowly starting and it does not help when my grandson calls me “grannie” in public.

  263. Cassandra Eastman says:

    According to my 4 year old, the “cracks” around my eyes.

  264. Margaret H says:

    My grey hair now is giving away my age….

  265. Anne Dougherty says:

    Grey hairs!

  266. nina bergeron says:

    my grey hair and my love for 80;s music!

  267. too many flaws -wrinkles in my forehead, grey hair , bags under my eyes

  268. Jennifer P. says:

    My laugh lines give my age away. I don’t have many wrinkles when I have a straight face, but as soon as I smile or laugh the creases appear.

  269. Tracy Rafuse says:

    My teenage daughter gives my age away,yikes !!!!

  270. Wanda Jean P says:

    My taste in music, I enjoy the 60’s and 70’s mostly

  271. Wanderlust!

  272. Probably the grey hairs that don’t get covered up!

  273. Jessica M walker says:

    My laugh lines give my age awat

  274. Lauraleigh says:

    I am 36, Fine lines and kids give my age away! I keep meaning to try Oil of Olay 🙂

  275. My age giveaway is bags under my eyes and droppy eyelids

  276. Sun damage gives my age away.

  277. Wanda Jean P says:

    My greying hair, the wrinkles around my eyes give my age away

  278. Arlette R. says:

    My worry lines. No job, no income life is crap. Try to make the best of it, for the kids. Never show how worried I am. But it is showing in my face.

  279. When my artic roots start to show through…. that’s my age giveaway!

  280. my graying hair and the wrinkles and bags around my eyes

  281. My hands for sure

  282. roger simmons says:

    Grey Hair and Wrinkles

  283. I don’t think I have an age giveaway.

  284. Angelie Essiembre says:

    My face and my ID… lol

  285. Diana Powell says:

    My grey hair for sure !

  286. Wanda Jean P says:

    My taste in music gives my age away, I enjoy mostly music from the 1960’s and 70’s

  287. I am starting to get grey hair and the skin on my face is starting to sag.

  288. Having teenage kids gives away my age

  289. Kelley Moore says:

    my crows feet around my eyes

  290. Laurie W. says:

    My hands give my age away…and the fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead.

  291. Leanne Godfrey says:

    My laugh lines and my “old school” words I use give my age away.

  292. Richard Hicks says:

    my instagram ID is gmrich22

  293. Caryn Coates says:

    My 16 year old daughter and fine lines around my eyes.

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