Cake Mix Cookies

The Christmas holidays are literally just weeks away now and my mind is already racing as I think about all the things I have to do to prepare. Whether your whipping up some sweet treats for your family or a large crowd, baking is a must over the holidays! Trudeau has you covered with all the kitchen essentials you need to make cookies for the holiday and beyond, plus they just look so darn cute it will make the task enjoyable!

Need a super fast recipe for a fun little cookie? This one is great when you are a on a time pinch, you can mix it all by hand, in one bowl and with only 3 ingredients! Keep a box of cake mix in your pantry (I totally do this) and you’ll always be ready to offer a tasty treat for guests who drop by or to surprise your kids play date friends. The kids can even help!

Cake Mix Cookies - Mom vs the Boys


Cake Mix Cookies


  • 1 (18.25 oz) box of cake mix- any kind. (I’ve used Rainbow Chip for my cookies below)
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1/3 c. Vegetable Oil


Heat oven to 375.

Mix cookie ingredients together.

The Trudeau 2 in 1 Large Spatula has clever design features including an integrated spoon rest and a dual ended handle that elevates this simple tool to a different level. Use the larger end for scraping the bowl without scratching cookware, the smaller end for spreading icing and then place it down on the counter without leaving a mess!

bowlPut 1 inch heaps onto cookie sheet about 1 inch apart.

The fancy and functional non-stick Baking Liner from Trudeau is decorated with positioning circles for perfect placement of cookie dough that can also fold in half to adapt from large to small baking sheets. The heat resistant silicone liner protects bakeware and it’s easy to clean then rolls up for compact storage.

cookie-doughCook for 7-9 minutes or until the edges start to brown.


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Cake Mix Cookies and a Giveaway for Trudeau Holiday Baking Essentials
Recipe type: Cookie
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 18
  • 1 (18.25 oz) box of cake mix- any kind
  • 2 Eggs
  • ⅓ c. Vegetable Oil
  1. Heat oven to 375.
  2. Mix cookie ingredients together.
  3. Put 1 inch heaps onto cookie sheet about 1 inch apart.
  4. Cook for 8-10 minutes or until the edges start to brown.

cake mix cookies - mom vs the boysGo ahead and try different flavours of cake each time! These rainbow chip ones are delicious and fun for kids! 

Cake Mix Cookies - Mom vs the BoysFor traditional holiday cookies, Trudeau has wonderful cookie cutters that are perfect for sugar cookies, short breads and especially those adorable jam filled Linzer cookies.

cuttersTrudeau products are perfect for gift giving to the baker in the family as all the products are functional but fancy and the fun pops of colour really make baking fun. They have lots of small items that will be perfect for stuffing stockings as well. 

The products mentioned above were provided free of charge. Regardless, I was not obligated to feature this item and all opinions expressed belong to Mom vs. the Boys and are not influenced in any way.


  1. Fudge as it is the only time of the year I get it

  2. kristen visser says:

    My favorite holiday treat are cookies that my sis in law makes (which I am hoping to win this for her for Christmas) She makes the best pumpkin spice cookies and pumpkin crackle cookies. I eat 5 at a time lol

  3. I love Gingerbread men.

  4. Judy Cowan says:

    My favourite has to be homemade shortbread, Christmas is the only time I have it!

  5. Turtles!!

  6. Louise Gilbert says:

    My favourite holiday treat is fudge.

  7. Nonna’s almond cookies….yummy!

  8. Florence Cochrane says:

    Shortbread and gingerbread cookies.

  9. Elva Roberts says:

    My favorite treat is a slice of my home made fruitcake. If I so say so, it is delilcious. I use butter, crushed strawberries, lots of nuts, mixed fruits and peel. Included are raisins and currents. I usually make six of them for my family and my sisters.

  10. Christmas Cake – my fave

  11. Susanne McCarthy says:

    Shortbread cookies! My grandmothers’ tried and true recipe is a family favourite and I have now taken on the tradition of making them every year!

  12. josee carpentier says:

    Chocolate Lug

  13. Shortbread cookies!

  14. nicolthepickle says:

    I really like Biscotti especially in holiday flavours like peppermint or eggnogg.

  15. I love gingerbread cookies!!

  16. pumpkin pie – yum!

  17. Nanaimo Bars!!!! MINT Ones for Holidays… or the Cherry ones. or just regular yellow ones. YUM. i don’t discriminate…. lol

  18. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Traditional mince pies with fresh cream, yummy 🙂

  19. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    My favorite is shortbread cookies.

  20. Andrea Amy says:

    I love butter tarts

  21. Marilyn Legault says:

    Sugar cookies with sprinkles on them

  22. I love shortbread cookies!

  23. wanda macsween says:

    My favourite is shortbread cookies.

  24. kathy downey says:

    My favourite holiday treat shortbread

  25. Love sugar cookies!

  26. Michelle J. says:

    Pumpkin roll!

  27. Alison Braidwood says:

    Whipped shortbread is my ultimate holiday treat.

  28. Sunshine H says:

    I have 2, shortbread cookies and butter tarts!

  29. My favourite holiday treat is sugar cookies.

  30. Chandra O'Connor says:

    My sisters crack candy, it’s like nuts and bolts but with white chocolate and smarties etc in it. Sooooooo good.

  31. Lynda Cook says:

    My favourite holiday treat is shortbread or iced sugar cookies!

  32. my homemade shortbread!

  33. Tara Betterley says:

    I love homemade macroons and love a snickers truffle.

  34. My mothers Christmas squares.

  35. christine w says:

    My favourite holiday treat is shortcake.

  36. Victoria Ess says:

    I love truffles.

  37. My favourite holiday treat is butter tarts.

  38. I like oatmeal scothies, and any cookie with peppermint.

  39. Gillian Morgan says:

    I love holiday shortbread.

  40. Rosanne Robinson says:

    My favourite holiday treat is gingerbread & shortbread, so yummy!

  41. Jenny Major says:

    My favourite has to be homemade shortbread

  42. I can never get enough fudge!

  43. Wendy hutton says:

    my favorite holiday treat is fruitcake and eggnog

  44. Erika Letson says:

    My favourite holiday treat is shortbread with cherries in it!

  45. My favourite holiday treat is shortbread!

  46. I love gingerbread cookies and a gingerbread house.

  47. ivy pluchinsky says:

    I love sugar cookies!

  48. Anne Taylor says:

    Honestly, its a toss up between Marzipan and Cracker Toffee!

  49. Nicole Aben says:

    My favourite treat is sugar cookies for the holidays – probably because I only get them once a year!

  50. Cassie Fancy says:

    My favorite treat at Christmas is rice Krispie log mmm yummy

  51. Jennifer P. says:

    My favourite holiday treat is shortbread. It used to be butter tarts but no one makes them as good as my Grandma did and since she is no longer here to bake them I don’t eat them anymore. None compare to hers!

  52. Jen Rodrigues says:

    Sugar cookies are my favorite holiday treat.

  53. My favorite is shortbread dipped in chocolate!!!

  54. Carole Dube says:

    Holiday butter tarts!

  55. Anu Chopra says:

    I love gingerbread cookies!

  56. Shortbread cookies!

  57. Erinn Lishman says:

    I love Rice Krispies holiday treats with the green and red- my girls love them too!

  58. Rose Holloway says:

    Sugar Cookies 🙂

  59. I love shortbread cookies

  60. Darlene Demell says:

    My favourite is carrot cake and brownies.

  61. Erin McSweeney says:

    my aunts peanut butter Christmas balls

  62. Jeannie Lam says:

    I love chocolate mint crackle cookies

  63. shortbread. thanks

  64. my favorite treat is biscotti

  65. I love shortbread and fudge!

  66. Doris Calvert says:

    Butter Tarts and shortbread are my favorite!

  67. I love the holiday rice crispies and making rice crispy squares, so easy but so yummy!

  68. My moms homemade lemon squares, they are the best!

  69. sherry moffitt says:

    There are so many but I would say pumpkin pie.

  70. Rum balls!

  71. I love shortbread cookies.

  72. Brenda Lacourciere says:

    My favorite holiday treat is shortbread.

  73. Elizabeth Vlug says:

    It has to be shortbread. Preferably with chocolate chunks or pecans. Actually I have never met a shortbread I didn’t like.

  74. Irene Eichler says:

    My mom makes these great walnuts crescents… I can taste them now !

  75. mine is shortbread cookies

  76. holiday shortbread cookies yum yum

  77. Sunshine G says:

    I’ve always loved Nanaimo bars.

  78. Carol Denny says:

    My family loves my shortbread cookies.

  79. I love Christmas cookies of all kinds but shortbread is my favorite

  80. I love shortbread cookies – with a cherry or two on top.

  81. My favourite is fudge

  82. DORIS HUMBER says:

    Besides chocolates, my favourite holiday treat is shortbread cookies.

  83. I really look forward to (heavily) rummed fruit cake every year!

  84. lori butler says:

    I love fudge and shortbread cookies, looks like it’s a fav among most

  85. I love making cookies

  86. It has to be shortbread. So buttery and good with a cup of tea.

  87. Holly MacRitchie says:

    My favourite holiday treat is gingerbread! I make it year round

  88. Shortbread is always a favorite for us!

  89. I love my Nanaimo Bars. My mother makes wondrous shortbread.

  90. Brenda Penton says:

    My favourite is shortbread cookies and cherry cake.

  91. Juliee Fitze says:

    cherry bar is my favorite holiday treat.

  92. Amy Heffernan says:

    Fruit cake! Thanks!

  93. Cheryl MacPhail says:

    Shortbread is my fave Holiday treat 🙂

  94. Gingerbread & Shortbread cookies.

  95. sarah alexis says:

    I love eating chocolate truffles over the holidays!

  96. after eight chocolates!

  97. I love chocolate cookies.

  98. travelbuds says:

    I have so many but I think whipped shortbread is at the top.

  99. I love chocolate cookies

  100. josephine evans says:

    Gingerbread is my all time fav!!

  101. I love sugar cookies at Christmas

  102. Grace Fagioli says:

    Any kind of christmas bark!

  103. Karla Sceviour says:

    oh,I love all kinds of Christmas cookies and cakes,especially Oreo Snowballs!

  104. Chantelle Falardeau says:

    hot chocolate with candy cane to stir

  105. my favourite treat to buy = candy cane ice cream!
    my favourite treat to make = thick and chewy gingerbread cookies

  106. My favourite holiday treat is gingerbread spice cake.

  107. missbobloblaw says:

    I love nanaimo bars & butter tarts.

  108. caroline m. says:

    shortbread cookies are my favourite seasonal treat

  109. I love Empire Cookies around Christmas time.

  110. christine murray says:

    Peanut Butter Balls

  111. My favorite holiday treat is rocky road fudge.

  112. dawn gordon says:

    Gingerbread is my favorite treat ! Also crushed candy cane on hot chocolate!

  113. My favourite holiday treat is cheesecake

  114. Christina Ferguson says:

    My favorite holiday treat is my grandma’s recipe for chocolate dipped shortbread with a candied red cherry on top. The mouth waters just thinking about them.

  115. Nate Fuller says:

    Pumpkin pie is my favorite Christmas treat!

  116. Wendy Jensen says:

    I have 3 favorite holiday treats – nanaimo bars, confetti squares and ginger snaps.

  117. Viv Sluys` says:

    Gingersnaps and apple pie are my favourite holiday treats.

  118. Karin Dollery says:

    My favourite holiday treat is home-made butter cream fudge.

  119. I live shortbread cookies!

  120. I like shortbread cookies the most.

  121. Empire Biscuits!!

  122. I love marzipan cookies this time of year. They remind me of a neighbour who brought them every Christmas. She has since passed but I’ll always remember her.

  123. I love shortbread cookies!

  124. Jennifer Lo says:

    I love shortbread cookies!!

  125. Love my mincemade tarts,recipe that my mother in law used to make.
    Would love to snag these useful swag stuff.

  126. My favourite Holiday treats are shortbread cookies and ginger cinnamon ones, too.

  127. Our favourite is traditional shortbread! Thank you so much for the chance! 🙂

  128. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    I love gingerbread cookies

  129. I love thimble cookies

  130. Shortbread cookies!

  131. Amanda Neilson says:

    I love shortbread cookies and the bars with chocolate and chinese noodles! Yummy!

  132. Any and all varieties of homemade fudge.

  133. We love shortbreads and nanaimo bars!

  134. Elizabeth Robinson says:

    My favorite treat is shortbread cookies.

  135. Jennifer McLean says:

    my absolute favorite holiday treat has to be Poppycock. It;s a popcorn covered in caramel with pecans. it’s awesome and since it’s kind of expensive, we only get it at Christmas. I wait all year for a can!

  136. I like butter tarts at Christmas time. It reminds me of when my mother used to make them at home.

  137. My favorite is mini cherry cheesecakes; it’s a family tradition!

  138. i love ginger bread cookies

  139. Megan McGran says:

    Whipped Shortbread are my favourite to eat, Cake Mix cookies are my favourite to make 🙂

  140. Caryn Coates says:

    Shortbread cookies are my fav

  141. Wayne Lecoy says:

    It would be terrific to win a
    Trudeau Holiday Baking Prize Pack.
    In response to your question of
    What is your favourite holiday treat?
    My favourite Holiday treat is Shortbread and Gingerbread Cookies.
    Thank you for having this contest.

  142. Definitely shortbread cookies

  143. My favourite holiday treat is shortbread.

  144. My favourite holiday treat has got to be mini cheesecakes!

  145. Pat Drouillard says:

    Sugar cookie is my favorite

  146. Vanessa L. says:

    Cranberry white chocolate cookies are my favourite holiday treat to make & eat!

  147. Linda Svarovsky says:

    I love carrot cake

  148. My favourite holiday treat is Nanaimo Bars! So good!

  149. LILLIAN BROWN says:

    My favourite holiday treat is my gumdrop cake

  150. Sugar cookies, ginger snaps…. so many cookies.

  151. Anne Derkat says:

    My favorite holiday treat is the Christmas pudding that my mother used to make

  152. Sara Muzzatti says:

    Gingerbread cookies

  153. ChristineB says:

    Ice Box cookies

  154. Sandi Tymchuk says:

    I enjoy nuts and dried fruits.

  155. My favorite holiday treat was shortbread

  156. Judy Hunting says:

    My favourite holiday treat is my fathers chocolate wonders

  157. I would say Venitarta Icelandic Christmas cake

  158. My favourite holiday treat is shortbread. Any way, any kind, love it all.

  159. I love shortbread cookies

  160. I love making my grandma’s shortbread and peanut butter balls!

  161. chocolate coconut macaroon cookies my MIL taught me how to make, sooo good!

  162. white chocolate covered oreos

  163. Gingerbread

  164. My favorite holiday treat is pumpkin pie, and anything ice cream related! ?

  165. I love Christmas chocolates and cookies.

  166. My favorite holiday treat is nanaimo bars!

  167. My favourite holiday treat is a gingersnap cookie!

  168. Nicole Stewart says:

    My favorite holiday treat freshly baked Christmas cookies!

  169. Kathy Thorn says:

    My favorite holiday treat are shortbread cookies.

  170. My favorite holiday treats (can’t pick just one!) are whipped shortbread and Nanaimo bars. MMMMM now I need to eat some snacks…

  171. i love christmas cake with marzipan

  172. Shortbread cookies

  173. Daniela Plume says:

    My favorite holiday treat is shortbread

  174. Gingerbread cookies!! Yum!

  175. Katharine Chen says:


  176. My favorite are coconut cookies

  177. rose cantu says:

    Pecan pie

  178. I can’t imagine the holidays without mincemeat tarts.

  179. michelle plummer says:

    We love cookies.

  180. GAIL WHITWORTH says:

    mincemeat cookies

  181. I like fruit cake for the holidays. With thick almond icing.

  182. Pecan pie is my favorite,. My grandma always made it.

  183. I love rumballs and shortbreads.

  184. BobbiJo pentney says:

    Sugar cookies are so fun to make and decorate.

  185. Shortbread cookies are my favourite holiday treat.

  186. Denae Boucher says:

    Mexican wedding cakes

  187. My mother makes amazing fudge.

  188. Joanne Saunders says:

    My favorite holiday treat is Spiked Eggnog.

  189. My favorite holiday treats are iced sugar cookies , yup, plural because you can’t have just one!

  190. Have always wanted a cookie sheet like the one shown.


  192. Elaine Buonsante says:

    My favourite Christmas treat is an old family recipe for a cookie that is mostly nuts and candied fruit.

  193. Julie bolduc says:

    I like peppermint bark

  194. My favourite cookies are Chocolate Chip Cookies.

  195. Erica Seaman says:

    Gumdrop cake is my favourite Holiday recipe

  196. All of the different cookies!

  197. Gail Wright says:

    It’s not Christmas without shortbread cookies.

  198. My favourite holiday treat is candy cane cookies.

  199. Chocolate Lug

  200. Shortbread

  201. Shortbread

  202. Janice Wong says:


  203. Cherin McKenzie says:

    Mmmmm I love Turtles

  204. Debbie Browne says:

    My favorite holiday treat is homemade shortbread.

  205. nancy lafrance says:

    My favorite holiday treat is Almond Roca.

  206. Shortbread! i look forward to it all year!

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  207. Homemade Butter tarts and Pete de soeurs are my favourite Holiday treats.

  208. Christmas Cake – love it 😉

  209. Kristin Ashe says:

    Rum balls!

  210. Amanda Fontaine says:

    Two of my FAVORITE holiday treats are my melt in your mouth Shortbread cookies and my Auntie’s Caramel Squares. ooohhhh my goodness…. Heaven in my mouth!!!

  211. Carrie Dodd says:


  212. Chris MacDonald says:

    My favourite holiday treat is dark fruitcake!

  213. I love sugar cookies.

  214. Rachel Cryer says:


  215. We love gingerbread cookies.

  216. crystal porter says:

    I love Molasses or Icebox cookies.

  217. fudge!

  218. I like cookies!

  219. Shortbread is the best!

  220. I love gingerbread cookies with lots of royal icing!

  221. patticakes says:

    great contest

  222. My favourite is peanut butter balls

  223. Chocolate Macaroons or Nanaimo Bars!

  224. My favourite holiday treat is shortbread cookies (and egg nog!)

  225. Sandra McG says:

    Butter tarts please!!

  226. i love butter tarts!

  227. Kim Tanti says:


  228. My favourite holiday treat is chocolate covered pretzels

  229. Anything chocolate

  230. Jessica C says:

    Sugar cookies. I make them with the kids and they cant wait to decorate them 🙂

  231. Rosemary Little says:

    My favorite holiday treat is the fudge I make every year.

  232. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I was hoping to win this baking set but no such luck. Those cookies do look good and so easy to make too. I’d never have thought of using a cake mix. 🙂

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