On being Canadian

    Yesterday marked the anniversary of Corporal Nathan Cirillo's death. The 24-year-old soldier was gunned down last year during an attack on Parliament Hill as he stood guarding the National War Memorial in Ottawa. At the service we watched as outgoing Prime Minister Stephen … [Read more...]

Canadian summers are meant to be celebrated outdoors!

This post brought to you by Weber Grills Canada. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Mom vs The Boys. Canadians, what does Summer look like to you? Whether it's picnics in park, backyard barbecues with friends, or lazy days at the cottage, one thing we know for sure is - … [Read more...]

Jell-O Swirl Ice Cream for Canada Day

A few weeks back I saw my friend Elizabeth from Life Love Liz, post a fun a fruity recipe for Jell-O Swirl Ice Cream. I had never made my own ice cream before and I was super intrigued! It sounded so easy and looked like something the boys would really enjoy both making and eating, I knew we were … [Read more...]

Centreville 4 Fun!

I've been to Toronto many, many times in my life, yet I had never been over to Toronto Island. This past weekend, that all changed when we boarded the whole family onto the ferry and began our adventure to the Island. I cannot believe it took me this long! Toronto Island is just beautiful, a … [Read more...]

Country Pride at the Pan Am Games

When I was 18, I took my first over seas trip to Australia. It wasn't just any holiday though, it was an exchange program with students from all of the world and I was soooo incredibly proud to be representing our True North Strong & Free!! I remember carefully packing my red and white Canadian … [Read more...]

A Moose in a Maple Tree {Giveaway}

“On the first day of Christmas, a Canuck sent to me a moose in a maple tree.” Well, it might not be your traditional Christmas carol, but it is a really great one created just for us Canucks! Troy Townsin (a former Aussie) and Jennifer Harrington a Vancouver born illustrator have paired together to … [Read more...]

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