25 Easter Books for Kids

One of my favourite ways to gear up for any celebration is to read holiday books with the kids. For Christmas we literally have dozens of books about snowmen, elves, and of course Santa that fill an entire tub. Each night we pick a new book to read before bed to get excited about the holiday … [Read more...]

Help your kids get ready for their new grade with DK Canada {Giveaway}

It's almost time to send the kids back to school, cue the happy dance! It's actually bittersweet, I always miss them when they are gone, but it's exciting to see them out head out the door on their first day, ready for whatever the year throws at them! My 8 year old, has been asking to go back since … [Read more...]

Beat the Rainy Day and Backseat Blues!

Summer is all about sunny skies and beach days...until it rains! Gloomy skies are sweeping Ontario by storm today and if we weren't prepared with some fun indoor activities I would have a little boredom army reigning over me today! Packed with fun activities including games, doodle and … [Read more...]

Scholastic Books are the Perfect addition to Easter Baskets

We are a chocolate loving family, from the smallest member to the biggest, it's a pretty tough call on who is the biggest chocoholic! So during the holidays, and especially Easter there tends to be a fair bit of chocolate eggs and bunnies in the house, but I still make sure that the kids aren't only … [Read more...]

Start Something New with DK Canada

The beginning of a new year has so much promise! A chance to start something new, learn a new skill, cross something exciting off of your bucket list! The whole year is a blank page ready to be written! DK Canada makes learning something new easy with their instructional books on any topic you … [Read more...]

Browse the DK Canada Gift Boutique

  My boys receive new books from Santa every single year, it's a given. But, now that my oldest is turning seven, he's started to skip bedtime stories with his little brothers and we are desperately trying to keep the love of reading in his heart. Sometimes we have to be tricky, but once we … [Read more...]

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