Why Bigger isn’t always Better #bconnectedconf

Last weekend, I attended the BConnected Social Media Conference for Mom and Dad Bloggers, it was my fifth social media conference,  so a newbie I am not. It was however the first small scale conference I attended since it was BConnected's inaugural year and the location was in Ottawa, and not the … [Read more...]

BConnected Conference for Mom and Dad Bloggers ~ April 12-13 2014

  Have you heard the buzz? Canada's newest and only conference that caters specifically to mom and dad bloggers is coming to the nation's capital this spring! BConnected has all the makings of a fabulous learning and networking experience with a little fun tossed in along the way! With … [Read more...]

An evening with Jully Black #BlissdomCA

When I heard that R&B singer Jully Black was performing at Blissdom Canada this year, I was pretty excited! "yay they secured some awesome entertainment, that should be fun!" I thought to myself. I imagined Jully coming out to sing a few songs for us on the conference room platform, if we were … [Read more...]

Ignorance isn’t Bliss #BlissdomCa

This past weekend I attended the Blissdom Canada conference in Mississauga, Ontario. Women (and a few brave men) come from coast to coast to attend this popular social media conference each year, and 2013 did not disappoint. If anything, they upped their game! The wine flowed, the hugs were plenty … [Read more...]

ABC Friday – F is for…

F is for... Friends To the ladies who 'get' me, who are always around even if it's the middle of the night, who listen, who understand, who aren't afraid to disagree, and who support me like no one else! Thank You! And while some of my blogging buds are not in this picture above, you definitely … [Read more...]

My Time in the T-Dot with #SCCTO and #PGmom

This fall I have been bouncing back and forth from the T-Dot giving me more anxiety than I can handle just by the mere thought of city driving! lol Why do I always have to hit Toronto right at rush hour and as it's getting dark? I need to avoid that in the future, though I do love the look on the … [Read more...]

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