Tasty Tuesday- it’s fun to eat Bugs Cake

How many Tuesday’s in a row do you think I can feature a birthday cake???? I think I’ll stop at three!

Sunday was our Baby Boy’s First Birthday Party!!!! OMG how did he get so old already!!?? Through the sleep deprived fog and the chaos of 3 boys in 3 years, it all slipped by! I want to say it went by incredibly fast, but I distinctively remember whining every night about how long each day was and the classic “when will this day end?” was proclaimed loudly on more than one occasion (okay it was nightly, but who’s counting). Never the less, Little Buddy celebrated with a big party and we were feeling joyful and blessed to share it with all that we love.

Quit Buggin’ me, here’s the cake!

This was 2 chocolate cake mixes baked in one 11×15 pan.
The caterpillar was created out of cupcakes cut down the middle at varying positions so that it graduated in height from tail to head (do caterpillars have tails?? I don’t think so)
I used light green buttercream for the base and piped on grass with a darker green using the wilton grass/hair tip.
I pipped in ‘star’ fashion onto the caterpillar.
The antennae is red licorice and so is the mouth
The little bugs, snakes, eyes and the words (blurred for privacy) are made out of fondant

I did up some extra cupcakes in case there wasn’t enough cake to go around. I just used up the extra icing in a swirly design and topped with gummy frogs.


Happy First Birthday Beautiful Boy!!!!
We Love You!!!


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