Easy Sports Cake for Birthday Celebrations

  Got kids who love sports? This Sports Cake is easy to do and makes a perfect birthday cake for boys big and small! My middle son and my husband share a birthday, so each year I try to come up with a cake theme that would suit them both. This year, I decided to go with a sports theme that covers a few different sports that my son and husband like to play together. Whether it's tossing the football or baseball around to each other at the beach, going to my son's weekly soccer … [Read more...]

Easy Fishing Cake for Summer Parties

  Got kids who love to fish? This Fishing Cake will be a big hit for a summer party!  Okay, the kids will for sure love it, because candy. But honestly, fishing fans big and small will get a kick out of this adorable fishing cake and it's super easy to put together!  All my boys love to fish, so  knew this year I had to do a fishing cake for one of them and it went to my youngest who was turning 9. I also made similar fishing cupcakes for his party with friends, but for the day … [Read more...]

35 Superhero Food Ideas To Make You Feel Like Super Mom!

  Put on your capes mamas, because these superhero food ideas will make you feel just like Super Mom when you serve these treats up! Whether your planning a superhero birthday party for your kid, hosting the most epic movie night showcasing a superhero movie of course (Avengers: Infinity War maybe?), or just really want to wow your family, any one of these SUPER superhero food ideas will do the trick! So many great ideas from classics with a twist like rice krispie treats or cupcakes to … [Read more...]

These Baseball Cupcakes are a Home Run!

  Celebrate the start of baseball season with these quick and easy Baseball Cupcakes! Whether you just enjoy playing catch in the backyard, watching your favourite team on the t.v. (Go Blue Jays!) or play competitively, Baseball Cupcakes are always a home run! They make a great addition to sports themed birthday parties and even baby showers!  Baseball Cupcakes   You’ll Need Cupcakes, any flavour White buttercream icing  Red buttercream or gel icing Frosting … [Read more...]

Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas To Make the Day Magical

  Throwing your little wizard a Harry Potter Birthday Party? Look no further! We have all the Harry Potter birthday party ideas for decor, activities, games and of course, the party food! Because it's not a birthday party without the cake right? From magical colour changing beverages to creating your very own Platform 9 3/4, even your smallest muggle will be impressed with the wizarding world. Go ahead and make your Harry Potter fans day MAGICAL!    Harry Potter Party … [Read more...]

Basketball Cupcakes

  If your family loves to play a little B-ball like ours does, these Basketball Cupcakes will be a huge hit with your sports fans big and small. My younger two boys started to play basketball for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it's pretty much the cutest thing ever watching little ones learning to play a new sport. From the double dribbles to the wild throws, it's really been a delight to watch them play! Whether you just enjoy shooting hoops in the driveway, watching your … [Read more...]

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