Video Game Birthday Party Ideas


A fun selection of video game birthday party ideas to host the perfect gaming themed birthday party! 


video game birthday party ideas

How to Throw a Video Game Birthday Party


If you’ve got boys, I’m willing to bet they are into video games. Whether they have die hard favourites like Fortnite or Minecraft or loyalties to Nintendo or XBox, I’ve gathered up a number of different video game birthday party ideas that will suit just about everyone! 

If you are planning your video game party at home, make sure you have lots of room around the tv so everyone can gather around and take turns playing their favourite games. It’s also a good idea to have other activities or food stations set up so the guests who aren’t able to play aren’t getting a little crazy, or bored while they wait for a controller. When creating the guest list, consider the number of controllers/gaming systems you have. 

Another option is to hire a mobile video game truck to come to the house. They can be quite pricey, especially if you are out of town, but it’s a great way for all the guests to play at the same time. 



chug jug fortnite party drink


Video Game Birthday Food Ideas


Video Game Cupcakes 

Fortnite Chug Jug

Pokemon Donuts

Pokemon Pizza

Fortnite V Bucks Cookies

Fortnite Slurp Juice

Minecraft Grass Block Cake 

Minecraft Pig Treats

Pac Man Ghosts Chocolate Covered Pretzels 

Angry Birds Cake 

Fire Flower Veggie Platter

Bowser Cupcakes

Nintendo Switch Ice Cream Sandwiches

Minecraft Pull Apart Sword Cupcake-Cake

Minecraft Rice Krispie Treats

XBox Cupcakes

XBox Cake

Playstation Cupcakes

Minecraft Cupcakes


video game birthday party decoration


Video Game Themed Birthday Party Decorations


Pokemon Go Party Decorations

Printable Pac Man Banner 

Donkey Kong Barrel Cake Plate Printable

Cardboard Pac Man Arcade Game

All Access Gamer Pass

Fortnite Party Printables

Minecraft Creeper Face Backdrop

Minecraft Nether Portal Door Entrance

Minecraft Spider

Angry Birds Decorations

Minecraft Birthday Banner


video game birthday party activity


Video Game Birthday Party Activities


Fortnite Party Games

DIY Minecraft Ghast Pinata

Pin the Tail on the Minecraft Pig

Printable Nintendo Bingo

Minecraft Creeper Craft

Minecraft Bookmark Craft

Make and take Fortnite Slime

Make and take Legends of Zelda Potions Bottle

Mario Kart make and take T-Shirts

Printable Fortnite Bingo

Minecraft Pinata


gaming party loot bags


Video Game Birthday Party Loot Bag Ideas


Minecraft Sword Perler Bead Keychains

Fortnite Slime

Mario Kart T-Shirts

Pac Man Power Pills 

Mario Hats and Water Bottles

Fortnite Supply Drop Loot Bags

Printable Fortnite Bookmark Favors

Pac Man Loot Bags


Find these Video Game Birthday Party Supplies Online

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Birthday party planning can be stressful, once you have a made a couple of gamer themed treats or games, keep the rest of the party as easy as possible. Here’s a few Gaming Birthday party supplies you can purchase to help you out below:


Large Personalized Gaming Backdrop

VIP ALL Access Passes

Video Game Controller Cupcake Toppers

Gamer Birthday Shirt

Gaming Party Tablecloth

Gaming Party Plates

Game Over Party Favor Tags

Fortnite Party Supplies

Fortnite Loot Lama Pinata

Fortnite Balloons

Minecraft Birthday Candle

Minecraft Party Invitations

Level Up Chocolate Bar Wrappers





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