Tasty Tuesday- 1st Birthday Cake

Just when I thought Birthday Season had come and gone, I had the pleasure of making one more! who could say no to making a little boys first birthday cake!?!

So this is what I came up with for the Birthday Boy!

1 Chocolate 9 inch round for the head

1 Chocolate 9×13 cut in to a party hat shape for the hat

1 Chocolate cupcake for the ball on top of the hat

Using the 9inch round as a guide, cut a bit off from the hat shape so that it fits together nicely at the top of the head.
I iced the face like you normally would using buttercream icing tinted with ‘creamy peach’ wilton colouring.
I used the star tip to pipe the hat in light and dark wilton ‘blue’ (just added more for a darker blue)
I bought powdered fondant mix this time because I didn’t need a lot of it and used that for the dots on the hat, the cheeks, eyes, nose and the number one.
Outlined the number one with the dark blue

and voila! Aiden has a cake!

The powdered fondant was different to work with, I only wanted to make half of the package so I used half the milk and half the butter but when I poured it all together it was soupy! you could not knead it at all. Pure liquid! so I kept adding more powder, and ended up just putting it all in. it worked fine, but was probably a little too much powder because it dried up fast. I did make the mouth out of fondant but it kept breaking after it dried a little. I ended up just piping the mouth on with regular icing. It’s way cheaper to use the powdered fondant, harder to use since the recipe is somehow flawed, and tasted like icing, but was not chewy like other fondant is. I would use it again for sure, but maybe play around with the recipe a bit.


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    I can’t imagine any little boy not loving this cake because it’s adorable

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