Captiva Swimwear ~ Fashionable Fun {Giveaway}

As much as every woman hates shopping for swim suits, we all want a nice variety in our summer time wardrobe! I don’t want to be stuck wearing the same suit all summer long and this year I was feeling quite brave and wanted to add a bikini to my collection. Bikinis are always in style and perfect for getting an all around tan. But this Mama of three little boys couldn’t have just any bikini, I need something safe and secure,  that I can move and run and play in that won’t fall off or fall apart!

When I read about the Capitva line, I knew this was the brand for my lifestyle!

The Captiva collection does not sacrifice design and style for the needs of an active woman. Prints and silhouettes are fun and appropriate for a day by the pool or a game of beach volleyball. The Captiva woman is ready for any situation and will always feel comfortable wearing the body flattering silhouettes, with design details and trims that add sophistication. Whether a day with the family or strolling along the beach, Captiva suits provide a blend of youthfulness with practicality.

Yes, this Mom is a “Captiva Woman” for sure! Just look at these amazing syles and designs to choose from! For the first time ever, bathing suit shopping was overwhelming in a good way! It was so hard to choose just one!


I was sent a Halter Top and Hipster Bottoms with Strings from the Basic Black collection. There are times when I love a splash of colour, but to be honest, you just can’t wrong with a classic black. It’s the LBD (little black dress) of swimwear! The hot weather last weekend had me sporting my new suit sooner than expected and I was happy to find that the fit was fabulous!

Captiva suits can be found at your local retailers including Sears this summer!

Enter below for a chance to win a Captiva Top and Bottom of your choice!

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  1. Andrea B. says:

    I like a flattering tankini that covers my bottom, lol!

  2. angela m says:

    I like Bikini’s

  3. I like the skirt bottom.

  4. skirt bottom.

  5. My favourite swimsuit style is a Tankini.

  6. I love bikinis but with the baby pooch still clinging on, I have to go with the tankini

  7. courtney b says:

    i like basic bikinis

  8. I like bikinis.

  9. I love the tankini style.

  10. Love a bikini but my body needs a tankini

  11. Glogirl says:

    I like a tankini.

  12. A skirt bottom!

  13. 409cope says:

    I like tankinis the most.

  14. Kim Barrett says:

    I like a skirt hide my thighs!

  15. Katie A says:

    I like the tankini the best

  16. Janette says:

    love board shorts

  17. Jessica says:

    I like tankinis

  18. tricia dunkle says:


  19. i love the tankini

  20. I love Tankinis!

  21. Katherine says:

    I like tankinis

  22. stacey dempsey says:

    i like tankinis nowadays , i think my bikini days are over, but my teenage daughter sure loves them

  23. I am loving the skirt bottoms right now!

  24. tankini

  25. Doreen Lamoureux says:

    I love the one pieces…..

  26. jodi lasher says:

    I like the skirt bottome and tankini top.. I dont like to show my muffin top lol

  27. gibberish (Julie G.) says:

    I’m a tankini fan.
    Rafflecopter name is Julie G.

  28. Holly Chernoff says:

    I love to wear bikinis!

    hbbs55 at hotmail dot com (signed in with facebook)

  29. skirt bottom

  30. ikkinlala says:

    I like a tankini top and shorts that some to just above my knees – partly because they’re comfortable, and partly because that way I can live in my swimsuit and still be allowed to go into a store for ice cream since nobody has to know it’s a swimsuit (my local store has one of those no-shirt-no-service policies).

  31. I like tankini’s.

  32. Lorna England says:

    I really prefer a one-piece with a low-cut back (which are hard to find for some reason!)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. I’m partial to tankini’s…at least until I can firm up my tummy 🙂

  34. I have bikini one


  35. Jennifer B says:

    i prefer a tankini

  36. Nancy T says:

    It has to be a 2 piece – I would love to say a bikini but it’s usually a tankini. With a small butt (size 4) and a chesty top (E cup – not by choice) it’s a tankini. However that only works if I can buy the pieces separately….so frustrating shopping for bathing suits sometimes.

    • momvsboys says:

      whoa damn girl! a size 4 with an E cup, you def needs seperates! You’ll be able to pick your size for both top and bottom with Captiva

  37. tankini

  38. bikini, until I had my litter. i haven’t worn a bathing suit since they were born…

    • momvsboys says:

      oh no, you will really love these suits, they have great styles that hide areas you want hidden lol

  39. Robin Quick says:

    I prefer board shorts

  40. I like bikinis, but am not quite as confident wearing them post-baby. Sigh.

  41. Doris Calvert says:

    I will not lie I like a tankini but if I had the figure and was younger a bikini would be my favorite but ya know some of us just are not let me say cut out for it, haha!

  42. ELIZABETH C. says:


  43. ELIZABETH C. says:


  44. elven johnson says:

    Monokini or string bikini top with boy short bottoms

  45. I like the skirt bottome and tankini top, though it’s a bit bulky for swimming…

  46. Cheryl (@loucheryl) says:

    My favourite type of swimsuit is a bikini.

  47. Tankini

  48. Tracy Kauffman says:

    The skirt bottom, it hides a myriad of issues.

  49. Jules A. says:

    I’m a tankini girl

  50. Deb Dorrington says:

    Tankini with skirt bottom…

  51. I like the tankini

  52. Tari Lawson says:

    I like Tankini’s

  53. the 3rd one the skirt and tanktennie

  54. love a good bikini!

  55. anything that looks good on me!

  56. Olivia L says:

    I like tankinis

  57. Tankini would be my fav style.

  58. Lynda E says:

    I like a tankini.

  59. C Wilson says:

    I like the tankini style the best

  60. Kristie says:

    My favorite style is the tankini

  61. Tankini’s are the way to go for me

  62. Colleen Mckillen. says:

    My favorite style is the skirted bottom

  63. I like the Tankini

  64. Pauline Milner says:

    I prefer one piece swimsuits, but I will wear a bikini when I am tanning at the beach.

    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. ~Pauline

  65. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    I like the tankini

  66. A.Smith says:

    I love the tankini style with various different bottoms

  67. Samorjj says:

    I like the Tankinis.

  68. Bikini Top with shorts on the bottom!

  69. Donna L. says:


  70. Marjorie L. says:


  71. nick a. says:


  72. Marianne says:

    A well fitting 1pc.

  73. Tankini, for the most part…

  74. bikinis

  75. skirt bottom! for sure gotta cover up these thighs! also a tanki top or w/e they are called! 😛 gotta cover the belly too!

  76. SueSueper says:

    I like one piece whit a skirt bottom. Or two piece full covering with a skirt bottom

  77. Donna Price says:

    Tankini – ease of 2 piece with a covered belly!

  78. Elva Roberts says:

    May 28-I guess my favourite would be a tankani.-el03ro

  79. Sarah W says:

    I love a bandeau top with a cute skirted bottom. Gotta hide the pregnancy stretch marks on my hips until they fade! 🙂

  80. DearDiane says:

    A bikini would be nice!

  81. michelle r says:

    board shorts

  82. I like the tankini:)

  83. Karin Dollery says:

    I like the skirt bottom and tankini top

  84. I like bikini’s …alas with the 3 boys, I don’t feel as secure, since they pop things out too easily.

  85. Debbie P says:

    I like bikini’s so I can get a good tan. Thanks!

  86. Pamalot says:

    My fave style is tankini.

  87. *°•ƸӜƷ Louis ƸӜƷ•°* says:

    I like Tankinis

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  88. Jennifer L. says:

    I love bikinis but I don’t know if I’d dare wear one now after two pregnancies.

  89. Pinky Sade says:

    I love board shorts!

  90. cheryl h says:

    I like board shorts

  91. I prefer tankinis.

  92. Adriana Fitzgerald says:


  93. amandasue says:

    I like full coverage and skirt bottom

  94. Skirt bottom!

  95. Melissa Avey says:

    My favourite is the retro pinup swimdress but I also love Tankinis 🙂

  96. For bottoms my favorite is boy shorts bottoms.

  97. I like the ones that make me look like a size 4 . oh.. right.. dreaming. I do like a one piece that hides my tummy and sometime, depending on the cut of the suit, I like the skirt to cover up a bit of jiggle.

  98. Vicki S says:

    Bikinis all the way!

  99. anything with a skirt is my favourite… I really like that black one with the print!

  100. Marc-Andre Taillefer says:

    I like the skirt bottom.

  101. Marlene V says:

    I like a tankini with board shorts or a skirt bottom

  102. jara Christensen says:

    Bikini is my favorite but I alway sticks to one pieces!

  103. Hyzennthlay C says:

    I love board shorts! They cover everything with being a swimdress!

  104. bikini!

  105. Vicki H says:

    I like tankini- the coverage of a one piece, convenience of a bikini.

  106. Janice Dye-Szucs says:

    I love the skirt bottom bathing suits !

  107. Narathip Wall says:


  108. Amy Brewer says:

    I like tankini

  109. I like a nice fitting tankini with a higher waist bottom!

  110. Carrie M says:


  111. Either full piece or Tankini style.

  112. favourite swimsuit style is tankini

  113. Lisa A. says:

    My fave is the tankini…

  114. I love bikinis with boy shorts!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  115. Jaimee Mcallister says:

    My favorite style of bathing suit : Monokini!
    They are just so cute

  116. i like boy shorts with a tankini

  117. Amber Y says:

    A Bikini as long as the bottoms provide really good comfort and coverage, otherwise i stick to shorts.

  118. Since having kids – skirt bottom

  119. I usually go with skirt bottom or shorts. I need something to cover my butt. 😀

  120. Eva Urban says:

    I usually wear tankinis. I am very partial to the Halter Top and Hipster Bottoms with Strings, can be quite flattering for the fuller figure. Very feminine/flirty – my choice. Would love to own.

  121. MelodyJ says:

    I like Tankini’s. It’s the best of both worlds.


  122. Jennifer Barata Allen says:

    tankinis and bikinins

  123. I’m a standard bikini girl

  124. Christine says:

    skirt bottom

  125. I like the skirted bottoms, for sure!

  126. tennille says:

    halter top bikini or tankini—long torso so most one piece ride in very unfortunate areas

  127. Bikini and board shorts!

  128. I like a skirted swimsuit to hide my hips.

  129. kelley wood says:

    i love tankinis the best!

  130. Brandy @insanemamacita says:

    Definitely skirt bottoms and tankini. I am not brave enough for a bikini!

  131. elaine b says:

    i like the skirt bottom…thanks

  132. Charice Adams says:


  133. nicole brenay says:

    The bikini bottoms are my fav.

  134. Bikini’s are my fav style 🙂

  135. I’m a Tankini style.

  136. My favorite type of swimwear is bikini.

  137. bikinis!

  138. I love bikini style suits! 🙂

  139. Jenreco2 says:

    I like the tankini with the board shorts.
    repose4jr at gmail dot com

  140. Candi M says:

    I love a full swimsuit with board shorts or a long top (tankini style) with board shorts!

  141. I like a Tankini with a skirt bottom!

  142. A properly fitting bikini is the way to go!

  143. My favorite style is tankini

  144. I like the flirty skirt bottoms and tankini top

  145. I like board shorts.

  146. Theresa D says:

    I like tankini’s.

  147. serena ames says:

    i like shorts or skirt bottom

  148. Jennifer says:

    I bear it all- bikini all the way!

  149. Kathlyne says:

    I like one pieces–if I can get them to fit my long torso!

  150. Annie B. says:

    I love the tankini’s

  151. I like one pieces.

  152. Jennifer says:

    I like the skirt bottom (a little more modest/comfortable for me!)

  153. Brenda Penton says:

    I prefer tankinis.

  154. I like bikinis.

  155. my favorite style is bikini

  156. Skirt bottoms! I’ve had too many babies! LOL

  157. Samantha says:

    I love bikinis!

  158. Trasina McGahey says:


  159. kathy pease says:

    i lke the bikini

  160. One piece or tankini I like the bottom right black one best in the pics here. 🙂

  161. amy deeter says:


  162. Marty Harris says:

    I like board shorts

  163. Michelle B says:

    I like the skirt bottom

  164. christal c says:

    I like bikininis
    my google+ user is will debbie

  165. I prefer the board shorts for my bod!

  166. Whitney Lindeman says:

    I like a basic bikini, but wear board shorts over the bottoms, also.

  167. Debra F says:

    I like a one piece with a halter type top

  168. Jessica Hays says:

    My favorite is tankini!

    jessicaahays at hotmail dot com

  169. jessica schueler says:

    I like tankini style

  170. Jessica A says:

    I like tankini or monokini.

  171. trisha mckee says:

    I like the tankini!

  172. Ginger b. says:

    My fav is tankini

  173. Alicia Sneed says:

    I like tankini tops with either skirt bottoms or board shorts!

  174. Crystal F says:

    My favorite is tankini! thank you!

  175. Melanie Montgomery says:

    i like the bikini!

  176. I like a tankini best.

  177. Emily N says:

    Skirt bottoms since having my kids.

  178. I like tankini

  179. Tiffany Durant says:

    Tankini works best for me!

  180. I’m a tankini fan

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