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I was cleaning up my boy’s closet a couple of weeks ago and found this old piece of art work I did with them when they were smaller. Yes, it’s hard to believe, even for me, that I managed to find the motivation to do crafts with my kids when they were 3, 16 mo and 4 mo but apparently I did! It must have been the lack of sleep making me crazy! lol

Anyways, I thought I would share it with ya’ll today because it still brings a smile to my face just seeing those tiny hands! 

To make your own, simply paint your child’s hands with white paint (*tip, add a small dab of dish soap if you aren’t using washable paint for easy clean up) then press their hand onto a piece of black  paper and lift back off. Turn the  paper upside down for you ghosts hang the right way. Add googly eyes with a bit of glue. 
The pumpkins were done the same way using only the palm and adding a green stem with a paint brush.  

I like making one piece with all three kids handprints on them so I only have to worry about keeping one throughout the years, they accumulate sooo much art don’t they?? If I remember correctly though, (remember I was in a fog with the lack of sleep!) we ended up making a few different ones and using them as Halloween cards for the relatives. We just tuck in a photo of the boys in their costumes on Halloween or a few days before and mail them off. We don’t have any family that sees the boys on occasions such as this. 

Get Ghosty with your lil’ Goblins this Halloween!



  1. LOVE them! They’re adorable! I have to make a concerted effort to do more stuff with my boys. Seeing this puts a huge smile on my face!

  2. Too cute! I absolutely adore hand print crafts!!! Thanks for sharing this 🙂 I pinned it!

  3. These are so cute and what a great idea to have the 3 prints on one page, like you said…now only one piece of art to keep!

  4. Super cute idea! I wonder if I could hold my little guy’s hands still enough to do this.

  5. Insane Mamacita says:

    So very cute!

  6. How cute are these great craft idea!

  7. Aussie Uncle says:

    I still have my version of this special artwork (spiders) hanging up in my office!

  8. We did stuff like this when our kiddos were smaller, too!

  9. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    these are really sweet and kids love making things like this where they actually have to put paint on their hands 🙂 Love the tip of using a dash of dish soap, good to know. 🙂

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