Elf on the Shelf Adventures~ Week Three

Just wrapping up our Elf on the Shelf adventures for the year, we had so much fun with Jingles! Little Buddy just told me this morning that he wanted Jingles to come back now! lol so I guess it was a big hit at our house. For us it was more about the hunt for the little guy every morning not about the crazy set ups, because well, Jingles knows Mama doesn’t need another mess to clean up! He’s a good elf!

Here’s a look at our last days with the Elf on the Shelf

elf on the shelf

Jingles started a count down with a scrap of wrapping paper!

elf on the shelf

The note says, “Check your computer, Santa sent you a message!, Love Jingles” It was our Magic Santa messages!

elf on the shelf

The kids must have been good, Jingles brought them Candy Canes!


on the dining room sconce

towel rack

“Jingles saw me naked mom!” lol Hanging out in the kids washroom today! 


Jingles knew we were leaving for a few days and left us a goodbye note, it’s a good thing he moved on from this spot because three days later when we came home, it was the first thing my 6 yr old said when he walked through the door. “I’m going to look for Jingles!” 

Hope you had a good season with your Elf on the Shelf if you have one! If not do you think you’ll have one next year?

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  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun, mom! Lol. These hi jinks were all over. That elf actually gives me the creeps. But I appreciated everyone’s fun posts anyways.

  2. Aww! Jingles is so sweet! I love that he brings candy canes and leaves fun messages! I want your Elf on the Shelf!! Lol

  3. We have an elf named Kyle but he didn’t come to visit us this year. I think he’ll be here next year when my little guy is older and probably understands it more. 🙂

  4. FUN! Maybe my kids will get into it next year. This year was an ELFING DISASTER!

  5. Very cute ideas!

  6. Our boys had a lot of fun with their elf also. Our silly elf did get a little too close to a light this year and he burnt his leg! YIKES!!! Oh, and I LOVE you bathroom mirror—just had to throw that out there. 😉

  7. Cute ideas!!! These are quite the rage this year

  8. Good idea to get yourselves a “good” little elf!! It makes me smile to think of how much fun the children have with them!!

  9. I like the goodbye note. Jingles is a cute name for your elf!

  10. Very adorable what you did with the “Elf on the Shelf”. Your family must have had a great time hunting for it.


  11. We haven’t done this, yet. I find them kinda’ creepy! I’m thinking of doing something similar~ but with a different elf. 🙂

    • a different elf option would be good, one with wire in the arms and legs to make it easier to pose would be perfect!

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