Monster Finger Puppets!

Monster Finger Puppets



If you are anything like me, you struggle to find “boy crafts” to do with your boys. If you want a “girl craft” I can rhyme off a dozen but then someone says, “Hey, know any good boy crafts?” I’m all like, “uh,uh,uh…just a sec, I know I have one somewhere!” Don’t get me wrong, my son will do pretty much any craft I put in front of him but he draws the line at hair clips and things that are clearly “too girly” for him.

 I won’t lie to you, a lot of my ideas are not my own, they come from different sources, magazines, internet, Pinterest and friends. BUT, I want to share them with you so you can also add them to your “boy craft” resources. 

The craft I am going to share with you today is what I like to call “finger monsters.”  I don’t have any step-by-step photos as this is my first time on a blog (thank you Mom Vs.the Boys) so I am pulling a super easy craft from stuff I’ve already done. I will start taking “step-by-step” photos from now on when doing crafts so if I am asked to guest spot again, I will be at the ready!

So, let’s get started, shall we?


monster finger puppets



  Felt of any colour (big enough to fit over a finger)

  scissors ( I like to use the zigzag scissors for this particular craft)

  googly eyes


  any colour thread

  a sewing needle

  a black sharpie


Step 1.

  Cut out enough felt to cover a finger tip, you can cut 1 piece and fold over and then sew, or you can cut 2 seperate pieces to sew together.


Step 2.

  Sew up the sides and top of finger puppet leaving the bottom open. (An in-and-out stitch all the way around is the easiest).  You could also carefully glue around the edges if you have a very hands on child but don’t trust them with a needle. 😉


Step 3.


  Glue on the googly eyes ( if you don’t have googly eyes, don’t worry! You can paint or draw on your monster eyes, I like to make them a little askew so they look a little more monstery)


Step 4.


Put a little mouth on your monster, he can be smiling, frowning, whatever you like.  You can also outline the eyes if you wish or just keep them plain.


You are now finished your little “finger monster”.  My son loves his and played with it for a couple of days before he moved onto bigger and noisier things.  I hope you have enjoyed this little “boy craft”. I will see what else I can dig up!

 monster finger puppets
JessJessica Fediw is a mother of 2 (one being a 4 year old boy and the other, a step daughter of almost 10). She has her diploma in E.C.E, is procastinating publishing some children’s books that she has written, and loves to travel.


  1. Those are cute – my son would LOVE to make those!

  2. Monica says:

    These are super cute and look like they would be very easy to make!

  3. So very cute. What a great tutorial and fun for kids!

  4. What cute finger puppets! I love how much fun your guy is having with them! Sometimes it’s the simplest toys that are the most fun!

  5. so those are super cute!

  6. Cute. My little guy would love to make these. PInned it.

  7. A little bit of felt, needle and thread, googly eyes and a marker, viola a finger puppet. How creative

  8. Marilyn Legault says:

    Look great, I’d like to try making it into a rabbit with ears

  9. Anne Taylor says:

    This is a great wee craft! We’ll definitely try this one when our new grandson is old enough!

  10. I love all these ideas! How cute is a finger puppet??? Freaking Adorable!!!! 🙂

  11. Melinda L. says:

    that’s very cute! and just in time for Halloween too

  12. Very cool – it’s all in the ‘spin’ right? Most crafty stuff I find isn’t really “boy” or “girl” I mean, making stained glass christmas stuff is gender neutral and everyone loves cookies!

  13. kathy downey says:

    My little grandson would love to do this

  14. kathy downey says:

    We had so much fun with this and got to use up lots of small scraps

  15. Robyn L says:

    these would be awesome for Grandma to do with the grandsons. thanks for sharing.

  16. I like these puppets. Easy to make and fun.

  17. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I remember my own kids having finger puppets and having a ton of fun with them, now it’s my grandchildren 🙂

  18. Jamie hall says:

    Cute idea thank you , I bet the kids would lofe then

  19. loucheryl says:

    Adorable and so cute! My boys would love these. 🙂

  20. I will have to try this with the kids

  21. Darren Scrubb says:

    Cute looking puppets I am sure many children will enjoy.

  22. We’re going to make these this weekend. Thanks for the cute idea!

  23. We will try these finger monsters. They look easy!

  24. Rosanne Robinson says:

    This is definitely a fun craft to do for boys, looking forward to making them with the grandson when he stays with us in a few weeks, thanks!

  25. I love that these finger monsters are easy to make and fun to play with!

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