Hand in Hand

Last year my middle boy started kindergarten and it was a rough year for him, he just found the whole thing a little overwhelming and anxiety crept in. Most mornings he cried and screamed that he didn’t want to go to school, but once he got there he seemed to do okay. It was hard on all of us. Mornings were hectic and stressful and the whole family suffered for it. 

My youngest was eager to start school, he would have gladly taken his older brothers place and there were days that one stood in the driveway crying that he didn’t want to go and the other was crying because he wanted to go and wasn’t allowed. sigh……. something needed to change.

When it came time to enroll our youngest into school I approached the staff about putting the boys it the same classroom, our school always has a JK/SK split so it was possible. The principal said they leave it up to the parents to decide and they would agree to whatever we asked for. It was a tough decision, my husband and I talked about the different options at length. We didn’t want our middle guy to depend on his brother too much, knowing that it was important for him to learn to tackle school on his own, but at such a young age, we thought the comfort of having  a sibling nearby might be helpful for him. In the end, I asked the school to put the brothers into the same room. 



As it turns out, it was the perfect solution! Both brothers started school in the Fall with excitement and smiles and never looked back! The anxiety we saw last year is gone and we have a happy, healthy boy! He took on his roll of  ‘Older Brother’ seriously and loved helping his little bro navigate his start to school. They stuck close together for a couple of weeks, but now do their own thing and have their own friends in the class. It’s working!

Their relationship has turned, from brothers to friends in the last few months and they’ve really formed a nice bond. While they have always been close because they are brothers, they really are more than that now and nothing made this more evident than a hiking adventure we took earlier this Fall. There was a rare sighting in the woods that day! There they were headed through the forest holding hands! My heart melted, I love the idea of them spending this year growing together. 

Sometimes it’s a comfort to go hand in hand. 


  1. Funny Kids Quotes says:

    This is such a fantastic post. There is nothing better than siblings some days! Other days…. eek. LOL! The pictures you included are adorable, such great fall colours. It has snowed here enough that there is nothing but white around here now.

  2. My heart melts every time i see my girls holding hands. As a parent, it is so great to know we have done something right.

    • so true, there are so many days I feel like I’m failing and then you see this and it puts it all into perspective! I’m doing okay!

  3. Awh, I’m tearing up at how sweet your boys are, completely adorable! Its awesome to see siblings help each other out, and become friends. You guys obviously made the right decision, wtg! 🙂

  4. Isn’t it wonderful when we know we made the right decision? Glad your boys adjusted well. Great job!

  5. Adorable. It’s so sweet when siblings get along. I’m so glad your middle guy has found his stride at school. With your boys being so close in age, it’s a delight to have them form a true friendship. Lately I’m happy if my daughters simply keep from killing one another.

  6. That photo didn’t make me tear up at all. 🙂 I’m an only child who only has one child, I love hearing stories about siblings with close bonds.

    • I wasn’t very close with my brother Steph, I’m glad my boys are off to a good start.

      • I have a theory, based on observation of my friends and relatives, that siblings of the same gender have more in common and often stay friends for life. Also it happens more often with kids from big families and then the gender doesn’t play that much of a role. But if it’s only a boy and a girl in the family, the friendship is less likely to happen… I always wanted kids of the same gender, doesn’t matter which, just the same and got quite the opposite result, LOL

  7. OMG! That is just so adorable. I love hearing about children doing adorable things LOL.

  8. My boys are older so no hand holding, but my oldest still gets down and plays cars with his brother, it’s super sweet. I love the pic of your boys makes my heart soar as to how sweet kids can be.

    • unless forced to when crossing the street, this was probably the first time I’ve seen it happen! It was a hallmark moment for sure!

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