The Time of My Life

I grew up in a sleepy little town where nothing ever happened. If you were looking for some fun, you needed to head out of town. Every weekend, except one. My hometown adopted the Victoria Day weekend as our own, at some point in history and from that year on, we threw ourselves a party and out of … [Read more...]

Green Toys are FUN toys! {Giveaway}

  I’m a mommy of two boys who love to play in the dirt and at the beach.  My five year old son is particularly interested in all things gardening.  He helps me plant flowers and vegetables.   My little guy, who is turning two this month, loves to play in the sand, be it in our sand table or … [Read more...]

Fun and Frugal Learning this Summer!

On the last day of school my nine year old son literally ran out of the school doors yelling 'FREEDOM!!!!' at the top of his lungs! The next day he showed up at my side looking bored, yes, my little social butterfly was ready to return to the classroom already! I'll never forget the look on his face … [Read more...]

What do little boys want to be when they grow up? – Boymoms share!

  When I was little my male classmates answered the question "what do you want to be when you grow up?" with answers like fireman and policeman, maybe even a doctor, but usually a community helper of some sort. Being Canadian kids, hockey players or other sports heros were popular choices … [Read more...]

Brothers make the best of friends

Despite any amount of teasing, shoving and not sharing in the household, my boys are actually the best of friends. They love to joke and laugh together, usually over something about a fart. As much as it annoys me, it definitely makes me smile to see them building a bond that will last their whole … [Read more...]

Someday I’m going to marry you

"Mommy?, Will you sleep with me?" my youngest asks as he toddles into the room Often this is just a good stall tactic at bedtime, but tonight I could see he was in need of some extra cuddles. So I tucked him back under his covers and crawled in behind him. "Mommy, I'm so in love with you", … [Read more...]

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