Boymom Gift Guide- 12 items Moms with Boys can add to their Wish List

This boymom gift guide contains affiliate links Whether you're shopping for your favourite boymom or you are a mom with boys building your own holiday wish list, I've rounded up some of the best gift ideas for you! From tees and hoodies to wine glasses and tumblers, showing off your love for … [Read more...]

Boys and Public Bathrooms

Any parent of the opposite sex of their offspring knows how frustrating it can be when you are out on the town and one of them needs to use the washroom. When they were young it I would just haul them all into the ladies room with me, but it didn't take too long for them to start complaining and ask … [Read more...]

Boymom Gifts

If you have a boymom on your holiday shopping list, I’ve got a few ideas that’s going to make her smile from ear to ear Christmas morning. And if you are a Boymom yourself ( I love you, you are my tribe) I’ve got some suggestions for your own Christmas wish list. Boymom Apparel has some warm … [Read more...]

BOYMOM Apparel + Discount Code

"I'm sending you something in the mail, keep an eye out for it" This was a message from my bestie from Saskatchewan. I had no idea what she was sending but it wasn't entirely uncommon for us to send eachother a little something so I eagerly awaited my package. When it arrived, it felt like … [Read more...]

My #1 Tip for Potty Training Boys

Well it's no secret that I am a boymom to 3, but what you may not know is I was an early childhood educator for many years as well. My favourite age group to teach was the Toddlers for their curiousity, emerging personalities and eagerness to please, but working with toddlers also meant always, … [Read more...]

The Time of My Life

I grew up in a sleepy little town where nothing ever happened. If you were looking for some fun, you needed to head out of town. Every weekend, except one. My hometown adopted the Victoria Day weekend as our own, at some point in history and from that year on, we threw ourselves a party and out of … [Read more...]

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