Smarties Valentine Treats with Free Printable

Earlier this week, I showed you our LEGO Valentine’s that I’m pretty proud of, but with two boys in the same class this year, I didn’t want them to have to hand out identical Valentine’s. With three boys in two classes, I had it in my head that we only needed one set for each class, it actually didn’t even occur to me that we actually needed a whole other Valentine until I was walking the aisles of the bulk barn to pick up the LEGO candy. Oh shoot! So putting my thinking cap on as I wandered the tasty rows, I came up with this super cute Valentine using the pink and red Smarties they have over the Valentine holiday! I created a the tag using picmonkey and have turned it into an easy printable for you! I have to say they turned out pretty darn cute, I love them!

smarties valentine with free printable - mom vs the boys


Create Your Own Smartie Valentines!

You will need:

Smarties chocolates in pink and red 
Snack sized ziploc type bags
Smarties tag printable

smarties valentine printable

Simply print the tag sheet and trim using scissors or a paper cutter. Fold in half and staple at the top to secure the tag to the bag. I’ve included a section on the back of the tag for your child to write their name and who it’s for. Probably best to fill it out before attaching to the bag. 

smartie valentine printable

Your’e a real SMARTIE Valentine!

smartie valentine printable


Click the link above to grab the printable

free smarties valentines printable


  1. Jennifer, you are the smartie pants here!! Love this idea!! Thank you for sharing it!


  2. So cute. I always give a little treat – this would work wonderfully. I’ll have to make a stop at the bulk barn to get some smarties this weekend.

  3. You are all kinds of clever!

  4. Awe, these are so cute and a fun craft for the family! I know a few kids who would love to get this (and a few adults too). 😉

  5. What a cute idea! My little one and I always do up some little thing to hand out to her class, this is a super way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, kids will love it. Thank you 🙂

  6. Awww, these are cute!!! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  7. The kids will have to try this next year if they want to hand out Valentines!

  8. Lynda Cook says:

    Those are real cute, great idea and original!!

  9. Love these super cute and original

  10. loucheryl says:

    This is a great idea. Perfect for a birthday party loot bag too!

  11. How did I miss this post! These are way to cute and would have been so perfect for valentines day!

  12. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Marvellous idea for Valentine’s treats, how on earth do people come up with such great ideas, I never do!

  13. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I didn’t know that you could get Smarties in just pink and red. It’s the orange ones I love, I’ll have to check if they have those on their own too. I think this Valentine’s Day greeting is adorable. 🙂

  14. What a fun printable! Thanks!

  15. This is super cute, I love it!

  16. Oh my goodness! Those are super cute and seem very easy to do up.

  17. Cute idea & love the added treat!

  18. This is such a cute idea! My little ones would love to do this for their classmates.

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