Rainbow Loom Patterns for Boys


Not just for girls, check out these Rainbow Loom Patterns for Boys!

Did you know that the rainbow loom was created by a Dad in his garage? Since then it is one fad that keeps on growing and has definitely crossed gender lines. It started out as little girls making bracelets for friends, but these days boys are just as excited about the rubber band building as girls are, just follow the trail of tiny circles around my house! The boys started coming home with bracelets their reading buddies or friends had made them probably over a year ago, but when a friend showed my eight year old how to create the bracelets, I started receiving all kinds of new jewelry to wear!  Check out this list of other fun boy approved patterns, that your little guys are sure to love! 

rainbow loom patterns for boys

Rainbow Loom Patterns for Boys

Bouncy Ball

Ninja Action figure (video)

Angry Bird Charm


Owl  Harry Potter fans will love this!



Dragon From How to Train Your Dragon 2

Super Mario

Pencil Grip


Captain America

Captain America’s Shield

Sling Shot


Superhero Flingers

Baseball Player





Iron Man

Boy Pencil Hugger

Key Chain


Minecraft Skeleton



Football Bracelet and Charm 

Triple Fishtail Loom Bracelet

Despicable Me Minion Bracelet 

Fishtail Twist Bracelet 

Hexafish Bracelet

Fishtail Sandwich

Minecraft Creeper Bracelet

Boxed Bow Bracelet

Beaded Ladder





Times Square


The Grinch

Ninja Turtle


  1. It’s great that the young boys can partake in making looms also, I find it funny how all these young ones can make so many looms and I can’t even do one..lol

    • momvstheboys says

      I need to get my son to teach me too, that should be fun to have him play teacher and mom gets to be the student!

  2. Great selection of patterns, will have to share these with my nieces & nephews since we have lots of Rainbow Loom going on.

  3. Great list……big thank you for sharing. I know a lot of people who’d greatly appreciate it!

  4. kathy downey says

    Great selection of patterns will share with the kids for sure

  5. So really cute patterns! Love the ninja turtle one must try thanks 🙂

  6. kathy downey says

    Kids made the Angry bird,he was real cute

  7. These are really cool, thanks for the post. My daughter would love the owl.

  8. My grandsons love making these, there are some great patterns!

  9. The skateboard is really cool……I kinda wish I could make one.

  10. I will be sharing these with my grandson.

  11. I know my nephew would have fun with these.

  12. Thanks for sharing these patterns. I am giving you some linky love on my latest post.

  13. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I didn’t realise there were any patterns for boys things, the skateboard is fantastic. My grandchildren aren’t into this yet but I’m guessing they will be fairly soon 🙂

  14. Anne Taylor says

    These are very cool! Thanks for sharing them. I’m going to show them to my grandkids this weekend!

  15. loucheryl says

    This is really cool. My son will love this. Hard to find patterns for boys.

  16. Huh.. ok…. kinda cool…

  17. My young nephew really loves these! He spends hours making patterns and loves to gift them away.

  18. Marilyn Legault says

    I would like to see my grandson making these. He does it with his sister and needs some boyish designs

  19. lvoe the iron man pattern

  20. Anna Johnson says

    This is awesome! I love that I can do these with my 3 boys! Thank you!

  21. Love the owl! Thanks for the patterns.

  22. My kids would love the Minion bracelet!!

  23. These are great and one of my sons would really love this!

  24. Victoria Ess says

    Oh wow, I’m so impressed by these patterns!

  25. kathy downey says

    Thanks my grandson was excited for these

  26. The Octopus is my favourite! Very cute. Great ideas 🙂

  27. Debbie Bashford says

    I had no idea they could make these type of things, the dragons are amazing!

  28. kathy downey says

    My young grandson is woring on the Super Mario pattern

  29. Nice to see there are patterns for boys; sharing this with my niece who has 5 of them. Love the light sabers!

  30. My grandkids are having so mush fun with this !!

  31. Nitai Kshatriya says

    It’s a remarkable write-up for of all the internet viewers; they will obtain benefits from it I am sure.

  32. kathy downey says

    This is one of the most enjoyable post i ve ever found for my grandids they love it

  33. kathy downey says

    Thanks the grandkids are still working on some of these,hours of fun !

  34. Thanks! We’ll have to break out the rainbow looms over Christmas!

  35. Thank you for the great ideas – Rainbow Loom for everybody!

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