8 Fun Ways to Re Use Baby Food Jars

Anyone else have a stash of baby food jars in their house? I admit I kept tons of these cute little glass jars when my babies were using them. I wasn’t sure why or what or how I was going to use them but they were so short and cute I kept them around anyway and found a few fun uses, like these Santa Candles for Christmas time! Just in case you also have a small collection of jars, I’ve gathered up 8 awesome ways you can make good use out of them!



Party Favours

party favours

Paint Jars, like these ones for painting with candy


DIY Tealight Votive Candle Holders


Upcycled Bathroom Organizers


Potpourri Jars, like this Autumn Spice one



Decor Crafts, I’m in love with these rustic glam Fall jars!


Kids Craft and Science Projects, like these fun guys that can grow their own hair!

Hairy - Gardening Craft

Hairy – Gardening Craft


Adult Gardening Projects, like hanging flower vases

hanging flowers


Do you have another great way to recycle empty baby food jars into something awesome?


  1. Thanks for including my party favor jars in your roundup. There are so many other fabulous ideas here. So, I shared on Twitter and Pinterest too 🙂

  2. Sheila McVicar says

    Baby food jars are used in this house for items like push pins, safety pins (the small ones), paper clips, spring clips (I use the smaller ones to hold parchment paper to the pans), elastic bands, hair ponies, herbs & spices, especially for herbs from my garden after being dried and ground, birthday candles and so much more. These jars are especially great for my crafting to separate different coloured and shaped beads, children’s themed and holiday style bead shapes, straight pins and any other small item. Being glass, they look quite pretty lined up on shelving in the craft room. I never throw those jars out.

  3. So many great uses……and now you can even get plastic ones which I like to use while out and about…..don’t have to worry about them breaking.

  4. With both sets of twins, we had a ton of these jars. I would donate them to my mom’s’ nursery school for painting jars or to the hospital NICU which were participating in a return for money program. I so love your crafts, though!The thank you candy jars are adorable.

  5. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    There are some really good ideas here – I didn’t think of one of them when I had little kids!

  6. These are all great suggestions for empty baby food jars! I especially like the grass ones! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Treen Goodwin says

    this is such an awesome idea, thanks for sharing , it will come in handy for many things , i love it 🙂

  8. nicolthepickle says

    Oooh, I like the hair growing pots. so cute.

  9. Victoria Ess says

    I love the hanging flower pots!

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