What?? High Res Images Won’t Buy My Groceries??

So there I was at the grocery store check out, the cashier gave me my total, and while it was a little bit higher than usual, I knew I had it covered. I carefully pulled out my glossy high resolution images of some cash I was lucky to have last month. ‘No’ the lady politely said ‘we don’t take paper’. hmmm…technology is really taking over the world, I thought. But no worries, I always carry a back up memory stick in purse.

What??? high res images won’t buy my groceries????

As a blogger every day my inbox is infiltrated with mass amounts of ‘great opportunities’ for me to post about companies, products, services and events with the promise of high res images in return.

Wow, um, thank you???

So let’s get this straight. Companies pay pr firms cash to create crafty pitches which get sent to bloggers in the hopes that we promote them for…..free? What’s in it for me?

Contrary to popular belief by some, bloggers are not desperate for topics to write about, our calendars can be filled months in advance. We work, live, and play in social media, and I get it, you want a piece of that pie. But it doesn’t come for free.

why not?

Because my hydro, internet, domain name, hosting fees, web design,  and apparently milk doesn’t come for free either. Not to mention my time. I actually love my family more than I love your product.

Bloggers want to work with brands, as much or more, than the brands who want to slip into our social media space. But not at the cost of selling ourselves short. Asking anyone to work for free is ridiculous and pretending that sending high resolution images and written text on your clients product is a great opportunity is down right insulting. There is room for us all to the play in the same sandbox together, but play fair, and don’t throw sand.


  1. Darn, and here I had thousands high-res images saved up for nothing!
    I feel ya girl!

  2. Hi res images or “samples” suck. I wish the PR that sends those emails reads this. Thanks for posting 🙂 Off to try and get toilet paper with the press release I got last week lmao!

  3. I know what you mean. Why do companies think I should promote their product out of the goodness of my heart??! Seriously…like I have nothing better to do!

  4. Right on Girl!! Totally agree 100%!

  5. Great post – if we all stick together, sooner or later the tides will change.

  6. I tried to buy a t-shirt with a really nice picture of an apple strudel once. I think the cashier was caving, but then the security guard told me somebody wanted to talk to me down the street, so I had to leave. Next time!

  7. Seriously! I usually don’t even offer a polite response to pitches that only offer high res images, as if somehow the fact that they are “high res” changes the fact that they are just sending you pictures in return for free advertising.

  8. Seriously! I totally agree. Years ago, I worked in PR and I know that professionals do not do this. It is people who don’t know any better!

  9. lol – you guys are funny. haha.

    Good advice. And one that makes me think ! You are all teaching me so much!

  10. This is a great post and I can completely agree with you! I would even bother responding to those types of pitches. Funny how the comment on the post can be just as hilarious as the post itself! LOL 🙂

  11. Very well said! I cannot tell how how frustrating it is to be offered *high res images* and press releases to write about and NOT have the person sending understand why I’m not jumping up and down with joy for the opportunity.

  12. Totally agree. I am willing to work for a good product, but a high res pic doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t give me money for my bills, or save me money on things I would have to buy.

    Hmmmm…I think I am going to send them a high res pic of me typing and say they can tell their clients I did it.

  13. Amen sister! Thanks so much for writing this post.

  14. So true! I’ve been meaning to write about this too. I get so many opps asking me to work for free and some of them have the nerve to respond (when I reply with my fee) “Well X blogger down the blog posted for free!” It’s a disservice to all of us. But when it comes down to it, I value my own time and I won’t do it for nothing.
    I love what you said about loving your family more than “your brand.” YES!

    • it’s true, we need to stick together. if some people are working for free, than that’s what companies will expect and look for. but why undervalue ourselves. I would rather write a fun post about some adventure with my boys if there is no value involved.

  15. Jennifer, I’m so low on the totem pole I don’t even get an offer of “High Resolution Images”…completely agree with all that you have said. You’re a very wise woman to “…actually love my family more than I love your product”. Well said and I’m also loving all the great comments!!
    {PS…I’ll be sure to delete all those “amazing’ high resolution offers..lol}

  16. Mudpies and Tiaras says:


  17. Yes! I have had multiple high res images available FREE!!! Or you can interview our expert for free!! Just this week. Having a small meltdown earlier over this.


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