Elf on the Shelf Adventures~ Week One

After seeing all the super fun posts on Facebook, Blogs and Pinterest last year about this mischeivous little Elf, I knew we had to take part! He was a hard little guy to actually get a hold of, as he was sold out at many stores but eventually Hubby managed to adopt him on one of his shopping trips and we waited for this year to take part.

He arrived one week ago and the boys have been excited to come down every morning and see if they can find his new hiding spot in the house, here are a few places we found Jingles this week:

elf on the shelf All Aboard the Christmas Express!

elf on the shelfJust Hanging Out

elf on the shelfIn the tree was one of the trickiest Spots to find him so far!

elf on the shelfBirds Eye View from the Lights

elf on the shelfResting in a bowl of Ornaments

elf on the shelf
Perched Among the Decor

elf on the shelf
Jingles made marshmallow snowmen for us!

Are you celebrating the holidays with your own personal elf???

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  1. Okay, you’ve officially made Elf on the Shelf look cool! We’ve looked at it multiple times but never buy because well, I just didn’t see the point of it. Never even thought of making the elf like a little hunt of where is he hiding today!

    They are everywhere down here in sunny Florida. I should buy a stock pile and sell them with how hard they are to get in Canada.

    • lol good idea! you could sell them out of your trunk in front of Chapters! you’d make a fortune! lol

      • Wonder if people would buy in January? Everywhere you look down here they are there in huge loads. Made my kids question why santa’s spies were living in a box on a store shelf. They currently are petrified of the Elf so I figured I wouldn’t torture them with it this year. Maybe next!

  2. I just think this is such a cute idea! We have never actually done it and now my kids are older…but they may just think it’s silly enough that they like it! Fun!!

  3. cute pictures

  4. We don’t have an Elf on the Shelf but they have one in my oldest daughter’s 2nd grade class so she knows about them. I have friends that have one though and constantly post with the silly things they’re doing. Not sure if we’ll ever get one or not.

  5. I think we might take the plunge next year and do the elf on the shelf. I already have so many ideas (;

  6. Cute, look at all you decoration you have up! I haven’t put any up yet. Looking forward to seeing more of your adventures with jingles.

  7. I would love to do it next year. My oldest will be three then so he would understand more.

  8. Great use of Elf on the Shelf! Love the marshmallow photo.

  9. No elf on the shelf in this house. I just KNOW I would forget:)

  10. Love the snowmen one! Our Elf on the Shelf is scheduled to arrive 1 week before Christmas.

  11. Honestly, I just love this. You have such clear pictures what type of camera do you use?

  12. Insane Mamacita says:

    Your pictures are beautiful! Such great quality!

    Our Elf arrived a few days ago as well. He hasn’t been too mischievous though like others I have seen. Even our youngest (who just turned 3) gets a kick out of finding him.

  13. We don’t have an elf on a shelf but I think when my daughter is a little older we might get one. Sounds and looks fun!

  14. I have been seeing him all over my FB feed. We don’t have one, but maybe we should. What a fun adventure to the holidays. I seen them at Chapters the other day… will talk to DH. Your Jingles has been busy I see!

  15. Great pics! I started taking pics and then I lost track! Our Alphie the Elf was in fridge at on point.

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