Tasty Tuesday- She’s a Teenager! Birthday Cake

We have a lot of little boys in our lives, so it’s super special for us to know a little girl. Only, she’s no longer a little girl!!! Our friend Taylor is a teenager already, and I was happy to make her a 13th birthday cake for her party.

kit kat smarties birthday cake

Taylor asked for a cherry chip cake, so the cake is a two layer 9 inch round cherry chip cake with pink buttercream icing. I used red and pink smarties to sprinkle over the top and kit kat bars to round the outside. I used 9 kit kat bars, but one more would have been perfect to have the kit kats tighter together, so if you decide someday to make a cake like this, buy 10 bars. The pink and round balls are gum balls and secured with a dab of icing between each kit kat stick.

I chose a cute striped ribbon from Micheals and  I picked up a letter T charm for Taylor. She now has it on a chain around her neck and it looks really cute.

This would also make a really great Valentine’s Day Cake!

birthday cake

For an updated BOY version – see HERE


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  11. Mary Ellen Agner says:

    I made this cake for my daughters 15th birthday party. It was an absolute hit with the adults as well as the kids

  12. Debbie White Beattie says:

    I love Kit Kat bars so this cake is perfect for me never mind the kids. It’s got enough sweets to put someone into a diabetic coma. lol

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