Vacationing with the Whales

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Travelling with kids is not a “holiday”. That’s completely misleading! lol ‘holiday’ conjures up images of stress free relaxation and this on the other hand, is not. But we had some family fun none the less. I’ll share parts of our time off in different posts, but our trip to Marineland was our Big part.

We had heard some mixed feedback on Marineland before we went, so we weren’t sure what to expect but we had a blast! The kids are still talking about the whales a week later! We watched the Belugas and Killer Whales both above and below the water and we were pretty happy we weren’t standing in the wrong spot when the killer whales splashed all the people! lol the water smelled like fish! lol eewww….
Middle Man adored watching the whales and dolphins jump in the air, and I have to agree it was pretty spectacular!

These are the pregnant Belugas and babies!

We also got a look at Seals, Walrus, Bears, Buffalo, Moose and we stalked more than a few Deer! lol The kids really enjoy seeing the animals!


Big Brother’s favourite part was the rides and games! The best thing about Marineland was that even our 2 year old could play the games and go on some of the rides, it was a perfect spot for the whole family!

Go ahead and sing it! Everyone Loves Marine-Land!


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  9. Have never been, but the kids would like to go!

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    Wow,that must have been an amazing vacation

  11. Looks like you had a good time

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