Scotch Brite helps reclaim the Kitchen {Giveaway}

The kitchen is never ending when it comes to keeping it clean! You can spend all morning in there scrubbing and tidying but then along comes lunch and dinner and it’s all messed up once again, it’s just doesn’t seem fair! Thankfully ScotchBrite™ has two new Ultra Scrub Sponges to rid the mess!

The Scotch-Brite™ Ultra Inside Appliance Scrub Sponge, targets microwaves and other small appliances, to scour away the mess with one side, and wipe clean with the other. Plus, you can throw the sponge into the dishwasher to rinse bacteria and then reuse again and again.  Genius right?


The Scotch-Brite™ Ultra Stainless Steel Sink Rejuvenator shines worn-out sinks to a like-new finish, leaving your kitchen sink spick and span… at least until dinner time. Removing food particle build-up and buffing from natural scratching and dulling over time, just scrub with one side and polish with the other to leave your sink shiny and scratch-free in just minutes.


The Scotch-Brite™ Stay Clean line-up helps tackle those hard to rid messes, such as dried egg, cheese and pasta. The Stay Clean sponges clean your surfaces without trapping food particles that can cause unpleasant smells and harbor germs. Plus, they’re safe for all surfaces, delicately but masterfully wiping away messes.

scotch brite brush

This type of scrub brush for the dishes is one my mother in law always used to use so it was kind of nostalgic to load it up and give it a try at our house. I love the purple colour of the sponge and the scouring surface so one tool does the whole job! 

Ready to tackle your kitchen?

Enter below to Win a 3M Scotch Brite basket filled with all the essentials you’ll need to get your kitchen sparkling!

3M scotchbrite

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The products mentioned above were provided free of charge. Regardless, I was not obligated to feature this item and all opinions expressed belong to Mom vs. the Boys and are not influenced in any way.


  1. Vesper Meikle says:

    inside of the oven is pretty hard to clean

  2. 409cope says:

    I find the oven the hardest to clean.

  3. Elaine G says:

    The hardest to clean in on top of the cupboards.

  4. Deb Jackson says:

    I hate cleaning the refrigerator since it doesn’t stay done.

  5. Darlene W says:

    The hardest in my kitchen to clean is the refridgerator

  6. Anne Taylor says:

    cleaning behind the stove and the fridge; ahhh, it makes me crazy!

  7. Jenness M says:

    The oven is the hardest to clean

  8. mrdisco says:

    the area next to the stove. too much bacon grease splatter

    • momvstheboys says:

      haha yes! Bacon is the best thing ever but super messy! you need to start making it in the oven!

  9. This is gross but I hate cleaning around the trash can. My boys tend to think that near the can is good enough so it gets so grimy and sticky! I’m constantly mopping and wiping that area.

  10. Erin McSweeney says:

    the stove is the hardest to clean.

  11. Patrick Siu says:

    the oven is the hardest

  12. mongupp (@mongupp) says:

    The fridge!! Yuk!!!

  13. Glogirl says:

    The stove is hardest to clean in our kitchen.

  14. under the fridge/stove

  15. Monique L.S. says:

    Lately it seems to be my sink…I can never keep it clean.

  16. Heidi C. says:

    Definitely, under the fridge!

  17. Isabelle Simard says:

    Dishes. Man i hate doing it !!!

  18. Julie Bolduc says:

    My stove is the hardest

  19. Carole Dube says:

    The fridge is hardest to clean in our kitchen since I have a self clean oven.

  20. Behind everything is the hardest to clean: the stove, fridge, microwave, toaster, etc

  21. Doris Calvert says:

    The fridge, everyone spills stuff, fingerprints etc

  22. Definately inside the oven 🙁

  23. The stove is the hardest to clean for me.

  24. Sandra S says:

    Inside the oven is awkward to clean

  25. Andrea Amy says:

    Inside the oven. I can’t ever get it clean enough.

  26. Dayna Wilson says:

    The fridge.

  27. I think the kitchen counter because it’s always messy and always sticky!

  28. Leanne M says:

    kitchen counter and sinks

  29. the drains and stopper of the sink

  30. Teresa Claire says:

    I would have to say that my fridge is the hardest part of my kitchen to clean. It is far to big. I would love to find a smaller one like the one that I grew up with.

  31. Jennifer P. says:

    Right now for me the hardest part of my kitchen to clean is the floor. I have a toddler who likes to feed herself. Enough said. 🙂

  32. Around the stove is the hardest to clean.

  33. nicolthepickle says:

    The microwave is pretty hard.

  34. Brenda Penton says:

    I find the stove hardest to clean.

  35. The microwave is the hardest the clean.

  36. I find the oven is atrocious to clean.

  37. The oven is the worst.

  38. Carol Denny says:

    The stove is hard to clean

  39. Erika B says:

    The sink!!

  40. Victoria Ess says:

    Behind and under the stove.

  41. tanyab79 says:

    The oven for sure.

  42. The top of my cupboards. Can’t reach unless I stand on the countertop. lol

  43. Melinda L. says:

    The oven!!

  44. The fridge, yuck!

  45. Karla Sceviour says:

    The oven,,I hate cleaning it!

  46. it’s a toss up between the oven and fridge

  47. Sherry K says:

    My stovetop is the hardest thing to clean

  48. Judy C (Judy Cowan) says:

    I would have to say the oven, it is not a job I enjoy!

  49. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    the fridge I procrastinate

  50. Elva Roberts says:

    The oven is usually the part of the kitchen I hate to clean because of the effort needed.

  51. Heather B says:

    I think behind the stove and fridge are the worst since I have to move those huge things first!!

  52. Gillian says:

    The fridge because the shelves are too big to be able to wash in my sink

  53. Stephanie LaPlante says:

    I would definitely say the stove!

  54. Rhonda W G. says:

    I don’t like cleaning the oven at all and it shows!

  55. the stove

  56. Debbie S. says:

    I find my hood fan the hardest to clean in the kitchen and kind of avoid cleaning it too often. Now that I say that I’ll probably clean it tomorrow.

  57. under the stove

  58. I detest cleaning the oven- the one I have isn’t self cleaming!

  59. In the corners, around the taps…

  60. lisa bolduc says:

    the cabinets

  61. angela m says:

    The oven

  62. SweetPanda says:

    The stove is the hardest part to clean (to me)

  63. Debbie Zyla says:

    I really dislike cleaning the oven and washing the dishes by hand.

  64. Belinda McNabb says:

    the stove is the hardest to clean

  65. Tammy Dalley says:

    The stove!

  66. Chris Stockford says:

    Around the Sink!

  67. Behind the taps

  68. Anu Chopra says:

    The stove is the hardest to clean for me.

  69. erin donaldson says:

    the refridgerator, all the dried and sticky food takes lots of scrubbing

  70. The stove!

  71. Underneath the sink

  72. Donna L. says:

    the range hood

  73. Cassey C says:

    The stovetop

  74. In the drawers and cupboards

  75. Doris H. says:

    The stove top & oven are the hardest for me.

  76. ivy pluchinsky says:

    The oven!

  77. Miriam Wilton says:

    under the stove is the worst. and the fridge. who are we kidding i hate cleaning my kitchen

  78. Edith Rennes says:

    Bathroom tiles…kills my back

  79. I believe kitchen stovetops are hardest to clean in my opinion! It takes forever for me to clean them!

  80. Andria CM says:

    The gas stove

  81. Florence C says:

    I find it hardest to clean the top of the fridge. Seems like the dirt collect there.

  82. Sunshine G says:

    The gap behind the taps.

  83. The Kitchen sink is the hardest for me. It always needs a good wipe down.

  84. The exhaust fan over the stove is hardest to clean!

  85. Darlene Schuller says:

    The oven, I often wish I could afford to throw it out and buy a new one instead of cleaning it.

  86. Sandi Tymchuk says:

    I find the oven door glass hard to clean.

  87. Definitely the oven

  88. the sink and the floor

  89. Heather Swanson says:

    the stove

  90. melanie Borhi says:

    Inside the stove it’s so annoying to clean it out , takes forever!!

  91. The oven!

  92. Leanne Cobbledick says:

    I am always in the kitchen – its hardest to clean cause it gets alot of abuse lol

  93. The fridge and the sink!

  94. The oven & fridge!

  95. Elaine Buonsante says:

    The sides of the stove and the floor and wall behind it are what I find the most difficult to clean.

  96. michelle tremblett says:

    The oven… yuck lol

  97. Sunshine H says:

    the whole thing…but I haven’t cleaned the oven since I bought the new stove, so that’s probably the worst right now.

  98. Wendy L. says:

    Behind the stove!

  99. Between the sink cupboard and the fridge. I manage to drop a lot of stuff there, combined with dust and water droplets it can get really ‘distasteful’.

  100. roger simmons says:

    The above cupboard areas above the stove where the grease collects.

  101. Jennifer I says:

    I most dislike cleaning the oven. Yuck maybe if I cleaned it more often it wouldn’t be so bad but eeek !

  102. amber y says:

    Cleaning the small cracks and crevices between and around cupboards and shelving and appliances is always the hanrdest to clean. It’s hard to see everything to make sure you cleaned it well and it’s hard to find things that fit in there well without putting you in an awkward pretzel – esq shape to get in there.

  103. Tanis Sergeew says:

    The oven for me! Ugh!

  104. The oven is the hardest to clean for me.

  105. Robyn L says:

    the double kitchen sink is hardest as our town water leaves white marks and a scum
    on the Stainless Steel sinks.

  106. Julie G. says:

    That space between the taps and the wall is always tough to get to.

  107. Stove/oven for me.

  108. bathroom!

  109. Marlene V. (Enelram) says:

    The oven

  110. inside the fridge!

  111. Anna C. says:

    The stovetop is hardest to keep clean with all of the splatters

  112. Francine says:

    my stovetop

  113. Wanda Bergman says:

    The oven is definitely the most difficult.

  114. The stove is the hardest to clean

  115. Rachel Williams says:

    inside the oven is so hard to clean..

  116. The oven/stove top, for sure!!
    But I would also say the floors are the hardest to KEEP clean – especially in the summer when the kids are always running in and out of the house!

  117. Wendy hutton says:

    the tops of the cupboards are the hardest for me, I have mobility problems and can’t get up there to clean

  118. sarah sar says:

    For me, the hardest bit to clean is the fridge and on top of the range hood.

  119. Angela Mitchell says:

    I hate cleaning the inside of the fridge!

  120. A few years ago I would have said the oven, but now I have a self-clean. I’d say it is difficult to clean my stainless steel sinks now.

  121. It’s got to be the inside of the oven! We like to clean it every 4 months so dirt does not build up too much.

  122. Wendi Maroon says:

    Maybe I could finally get my mom to throw out sponges more often with this gift basket…they get really gross before she tosses them!

  123. Margaret Smith says:

    The top of the stove after cooking on it.

  124. The part where the boys are…or were….

  125. Definitely the oven!

  126. The stove

  127. The kitchen floor is the hardest thing for me to clean – but most of all to keep clean!

  128. Chris A says:

    UNder the sink is the hardest spot to clean for me and I despise the oven!

  129. David W says:

    The stove

  130. Audrey Skinner says:

    My fridge is the hardest thing to clean in my kitchen.

  131. Amy Brown says:

    The top of my stove which has a flat surface is impossible to get clean. It doesn’t help that I have a bad habit of burning things on it!

  132. Jeannie says:

    The oven is always the hardest to clean.

  133. The refrigerator

  134. Theresa J says:

    Love the Scotch Products

  135. Jennifer L. says:

    My stove is the hardest to clean.

  136. GARRY S says:


  137. Gail A. says:

    The oven is the bane of my life, I always leave it til last

  138. Judy Williams says:

    The fridge for sure!

  139. My glass top stove drives me crazy. Especially because it’s black and you can see the dirt as easily as if it was white.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  140. George Meek says:

    Under the fridge is difficult…

  141. I think the fridge is the hardest to clean.

  142. Ashley O says:

    In & under the stove is always delightful. NOT!

  143. the floors in behind/between stuff(fridge, stove, etc.)

  144. Heather Lynne says:

    Around the appliances on the floor!

  145. nikki robak says:

    the stove

  146. Sherry K says:

    I just hate doing the floor in my kitchen

  147. Silvia D says:

    The stove, especially the oven!


  149. Debbie W says:

    around the taps on the sink

  150. Behind the stove.

  151. Jackie Davis-Rayner says:

    I hate cleaning everywhere

  152. Pour moi, que se soit dans la cuisine ou ailleurs, je déteste laver les fenêtres, qu’ elle corvée.

  153. Monica F says:

    The stove is the hardest to clean in our kitchen!

  154. Lynda Cook says:

    I would have to say inside the oven

  155. Elaine Buonsante says:

    Cleaning the sides and underneath the stove is the most awkward place for me to clean. When I do get the stove pulled out, it is shocking!

  156. The hood on our gas range is impossible to clean. We almost never use it, but it still collects grease like crazy, and we’d rather not destroy the finish in the cleaning process.

  157. Karin Dollery says:

    Definitely the stove/oven.

  158. aarone m says:

    the sink is the hardest

  159. Calandria says:

    The oven is without a doubt the hardest to clean. I hate having to get inside to scrub the black charred bits off of the bottom of the oven!

  160. Vivian D. says:

    I would say the refrigerator – lots of gooey spills to clean up

  161. Jennifer Allen says:

    The stove top

  162. Ashley s says:

    The oven is the worst!

  163. The countertops that are buried under all the mess! They would be a cinch…if only I could find them 😉

  164. Michelle says:

    I would have to say it’s the oven for the hardest to clean…

  165. Katharine W says:

    The fridge, in particular, the part under the crisper drawers.

  166. Jennifer L says:

    The oven & stovetop

  167. Inside the refrigerator

  168. kathy downey says:

    The stove for sure!

  169. The stove, especially when something boils over

  170. Gail Wright says:

    Constantly cleaning the kitchen sink.

  171. Melanie B says:

    Stove forsure.. hate it

  172. The hardest to clean is actually behing the stove.

  173. the wall behind the stove

  174. fridge

  175. All of it! The stove esp!

  176. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    The oven is the hardest part of the kitchen for me to clean. Takes alot of work!

  177. Piroska says:

    The stove, especially the oven.

  178. You know when you pull out the stove to clean under & behind….well those side walls that all the drips have been accumulating. Yuck!!

  179. Denise Klay says:

    The wall around the stove and stove itself!

  180. I would have to say the stove top and oven

  181. Kayla Gilbert says:

    I hate cleaning the sink in my kitchen.

  182. Oh the fridge is the hardest to clean

  183. The oven is hardest to clean

  184. The fridge!

  185. Lesley F says:

    The refrigerator

  186. My stainless steel appliances for sure!

  187. julia g says:

    The stove

  188. Christy Martin says:

    I hate cleaning within the fridge and freezer. It is disgusting what you can find in there!

  189. Keeping the floors clean is the hardest job in my house. My boys have yet to perfect the art of “eating over their plates”. 😉

  190. Nicole-Lynn says:

    The Sink! It’s a white, ceramic sink that soaks up just about any stain and I have to constantly clean it. Thanks for the opportunity!

  191. Christina says:

    The stovetop after my roommate “forgets” to clean the grease off for 3+ days…

  192. Carol M (Lushka S) says:

    The oven

  193. Bailey Dexter says:

    In my kitchen the hardest part for cleaning is behind the stove and fridge and the cupboards that a butt them, always stuff that seems to fall there.

  194. I hate cleaning the dishwasher. I do it about twice a year. It’s such a yucky job!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  195. Ugh… the fridge…

  196. Meagan P says:

    The oven

  197. Krista Embertson says:

    stove hood fan.. Not my favourite to clean, have to pull out the stove to get in there and clean it.

  198. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    The inside of the oven for me is the hardest.

  199. kristen visser says:

    definitely the OVEN!!! i hate cleaning it and tend to put it off

  200. Chelsea D says:

    Behind the stove is definitely the hardest part for me to clean, such a pain to pull it out.

  201. Erin McGrath says:

    Definitely the stove too!

  202. The oven is the worst

  203. Viv Sluys says:

    The oven is the hardest to clean. The cupboards are the hardest to keep clean (mine are white).

  204. wndrwmn says:

    My fridge (in and under 🙂

  205. jennifer capin says:

    my microwave

  206. Tammy Schweitzer says:

    I would say the white countertops hard too clean here can not wait too get a new countertop in the near future

  207. Laurie P says:

    Definitely the oven!

  208. Lisa Neutel says:

    The hardest thing to clean in my kitchen is the oven..the fridge is in second place,

  209. Casey Everidge says:

    the dishes… i absolutely hate dishes!!

  210. Brandi Y. says:

    My stove! It has so many nooks and crannies.

  211. Lee-Ann S says:

    The dishwasher!

  212. M Thompson says:

    the oven is the hardest to clean

  213. Crystal Englot says:

    I say that cleaning in between the top of the stove and the side panels is the hugest pain in the butt to clean! Talk about total grossness in there!

  214. Marie-Pier says:

    The stove and the fridge!! So much that my Mom always cleans it for me!! 😉

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