Elf on the Shelf Fun in 2014

Last week the boys got used to waking up each morning and searching to find Jingles in his new hiding spot! This week they were in for some more surprises when they found him around the house!

It’s almost time for Jingles to return to Santa at the North Pole but before he makes his final journey I wanted to share with you some of the Jingles sightings we saw this past week!

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minecraft santa

My minecraft loving boys got a real kick out of Jingles this morning! He was in disguise as minecraft Santa!  You can find directions on how to make your own here

elf on the shelf joke

Jingles arrived with jokes for the boys! What’s green, covered in tinsel and goes Ribbit, Ribbit? – MistleToad! Find more with a free printable here 

elf on the shelf

Jingles was spotted under the tree reading a new Christmas book for the family! A Canadian version of ‘Jingle’ Bells of course! 

elf on the shelf

Peek a boo, Jingles was spotted in the bathroom

elf on the shelf

Eye Spy Jingles in the plant!


Merry Christ-Moose!


Almost time to head back to the North Pole for the year, one final reminder to leave Santa his treats!


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    Hehe that’s so cute!

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