Whippet Sticks are meant to be played with! {Giveaway}

"Boys, stop playing with your food!"  Who else is guilty of shouting that one out at the kiddos while they mess around with their lunch? This weekend was totally different when I surprised the boys with Whippet Sticks for a fun afternoon snack. The stick like shape of Whippets are just perfect … [Read more...]

Sweet and Easy Coconut Cream

Spring is ever so slowly making it's way back to us. I can see a few patches of green on my lawn that was long lost to the white stuff just a couple of weeks ago. While it seems like the warm weather can't come soon enough, I've already been firing up the barbecue and dishing up tasty fruit for … [Read more...]

Coconut Rice Pudding #loveyourcoconut

As I was boiling a pot of coconut milk and cinnamon on the stove yesterday, my son wandered into the room with his nose in the air, taking in deep breathes. "It smells like Jamaica, Mom" was his response, and he wasn't far off. The warm, creamy, spicy coconut concoction brought back memories of our … [Read more...]

Thai Red Curry Chicken with Rice Noodles

We are over mid way into January, how are your resolutions coming along? If you made a resolution this year to cook more homemade meals or eat healthier, stir frying can help you stay on track with authenic tasting meals that won't bore your taste buds! Last night, my husband and I made the most … [Read more...]

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