25 Easter Books for Kids

One of my favourite ways to gear up for any celebration is to read holiday books with the kids. For Christmas we literally have dozens of books about snowmen, elves, and of course Santa that fill an entire tub. Each night we pick a new book to read before bed to get excited about the holiday … [Read more...]

Kandoo will travel

Summer for many Canadian families means hitting the open road and ours is no different. While we might book something more exotic in the winter months, the heat of an Ontario summer is a great time for a roadtrip getaway right here in our home province. The thing is, travelling with kids can be a … [Read more...]

Fuel the Kids with Slammers

Summers are all about exploring the great outdoors for our family. We love to travel, go for hikes and especially a good beach day! As a mom, I do find it tricky to feed the kids healthy choices on the go. They have to be portable, won't spoil, and preferrably crumb free, but that's asking for a … [Read more...]

SoapSox is the next generation of washcloths for kids!

Just when we thought bathtime couldn't get more fun, we discovered SoapSox!  SoapSox is part cuddle, part fun and part washcloth. They are a whole line of new stuffies for the tub that do double duty as a sudsy cloth to clean little bodies from head to toe. The characters are all super … [Read more...]

Dietainment – Digging Deeper

Last week, I shared with you in a blog post a new iniative from Multi-Grain Cheerios that has parents signing a petition to stop harmful messaging to kids about their bodies. While most people equate body image struggles to girls, I wanted to share and explore the topic from a boy's perspective. … [Read more...]

What is “Dietainment” and how you can help stop it

My boys are suckers for stereotypes. Go ahead, ask them what police officers do? Fight bad guys? Nope, they'll answer 'eat donuts and coffee'. Terrible right? Don't look at me with your pointed fingers either, nothing of the sort has ever come out of my mouth or my husbands, but everytime we drive … [Read more...]

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