Cold and Flu Survival {Giveaway}

This post is sponsored by Bayer. To make sure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label   The dreaded cold and flu season is here. Every year, it’s the same story. Despite our best efforts, many of us will be forced to admit defeat and retreat to our couches with … [Read more...]

Protect Yourself This Cold and Flu Season

Germs often spread when someone touches a contaminated item and then touches their eyes, nose or mouth. When in public spaces, try to avoid touching your face with your hands as much as possible. Always make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water on a regular basis and keep … [Read more...]

Staycation Tips + a Giveaway

March Break is coming up fast for us here in Ontario, are you ready for the kids to decend on the house? I know it didn't take long for the boys to start complaining of boredom over the Christmas holiday so I decided to plan a few days away for us over spring break to mix things up. We are really … [Read more...]

New Year’s Resolutions: Small Steps with Big Results!

Happy 2016 everyone! As we all know, with the new year comes new resolutions and they’re not always easy to keep. Okay, okay, we rarely manage to keep them for longer than a few weeks! This year, let’s resolve to stick to our New Year’s resolutions. How is this possible? It’s all about taking small … [Read more...]

Treehouse Gummies for an easy morning routine

Those lazy summer days are over and we are back to setting alarms and the early morning hustle and bustle of getting out the door for school. With three school aged children in the house, it's a busy morning for sure. One thing I never have to fight with the boys about is taking their vitamins, it's … [Read more...]

Keep your resolutions on track! {Giveaway}

The New Year’s countdown might feel like it was ages ago, but that’s no excuse to step away from your goals and give up on your mission to bigger and better things! You started out the year so strong, but March is often when people start to loose momentum. Continue to make this the year you overcome … [Read more...]

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