Guest Post: How to Remember Dad on Father’s Day

Hi all! Today I have a visitor on my blog to help you out with planning the perfect Father’s Day gift! Please welcome Jodi from Rants n’ Rascals!


The best way to remember dad on Father’s Day isn’t to buy him a tie, that CD he wants or even tools. Those are all great gifts but one thing Dad’s have in common is forgetting past events.

If you ask a mother when her child was born she can tell you exactly when, where, the time and how much baby weighed. Dads are so busy that day worrying about mom, thinking about what they need financially and so forth, they often lose sight of the memories themselves.

So this Father’s Day the best way to remember dad is to create memories for him. There are several ways you can do this. You could scrapbook an album for him with baby pictures of you and all your siblings, family events and vacations you took together, and you have choices on how to do this.

If you’ve never scrapbooked before, go to your local scrap store as they often hold classes that teach exactly how to create a scrapbook page.  Most classes run less than $20 and even give you starter kits to get you going.

If you are like me though, have a printer and a bit savvy on a computer. You can digital scrapbook your albums and then print them off. Digital scrapbooking is one of the easiest ways to scrapbook and create those memories you want for dad. is a great site to help you gather all the tools needed to help remember your dad in the most special of ways this Father’s Day. Embellishments, papers, frames for pictures. It’s all there for you to use.

Shabbyprincess a place with free layouts and designs. You are sure to find colorful backgrounds to choose from for Dad. one of the best sites on the Internet for digital scrapbooking. The flair community is wonderful offering tutorials on learning how to scrapbook with your computer. They offer free downloads and even software to help get you started. The best part is you can upload your pages to your profile and other members of the community will vote on them and leave comments to let you know how you are doing.

Smilebox by far my favorite program to use for creating anything scrappy! You can create videos to embed to your websites, newsletters, cards and more.

Finding a way to remember dad on Father’s Day doesn’t end with scrapbooking. There are other things you can do, such as create dad a coupon card (free massage, free car wash, free day off laundry or dishes) that dad can use when he wants.

Another great idea is (letters to my father) if you really want dad to know how you feel. You write a letter to your dad for each year of your birth, with one memory of dad you have. You can keep the letters long or short.  I did this and my dad loved it. I thanked him for coming to my soccer games, sharing what it meant to me. I wrote about lessons I’d learned from him, vacations we took, times he listen. You print the letters up and put them in a binder with a cover page, so dad can read them again and again.

No matter how you decide to remember your dad on Father’s Day, if you put your heart into it dad will be surely surprised and love anything you come up with. Don’t forget to check your local newspapers as well for events taking place on his special day. Car shows, picnic in the park, boat shows etc…


Happy Father’s Day!

 Jodi Shaw

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  1. Kathryn says:

    What a fun idea! I have to say, I usually spoil my boys’ dad with food on Father’s Day. He may forget special events, but he never forgets the meals that come with them! LOL

  2. What a great idea! We are heading to the NASCAR races with my dad for Father’s Day and we can’t wait. Creating memories for our family.

  3. This is a spectacular idea! I just wonder if my Dad would remember to look at it *lol*
    For his 50th birthday we actually made a book of photos of his life – stealing photos from his sisters and my cousins to put it together. We had one of him when he was a little boy….he’s never looked at if after I don’t think 🙁
    However, for a Fathers’ Day present – he would definitely appreciate the effort if nothing else! I may make one – and one for my Mom too 🙂 Thanks for the awesome idea!

  4. Brandy @insanemamacita says:

    Great ideas! I keep forgetting that it’s this Sunday. Yikes! Not much time.

  5. Love this idea! My husband is in charge of the digital photos but we never get a scarpbook done – it would be a great present! Thanks for the great sites to check out too!

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