The Best Easter Jokes for Kids


Make your little bunnies bounce with these funny Easter Jokes for Kids! 


Just in time for Easter dinner, I’ve gathered up 30 Egg-Cellent Easter Jokes for Kids to make YOU the star of the holiday!

Need an icebreaker with the relatives or just want to make the kids laugh? These silly Easter jokes should do the trick! The little ones (and some of the big ones too) will be “cracking up”! All the Easter jokes and riddles are cute and kid friendly. Hoppy Easter! 


Easter Jokes for Kids


Easter Jokes for Kids


Q. Why did the Easter egg hide?
A. He was a little chicken!

Q: What kind of jewelry does the Easter Bunny wear?
A: 14 carrot gold!

Q. Why did the Easter Bunny cross the road?
A. Because the chicken had his Easter eggs!

Q: How many Easter eggs can you put in an empty basket?
A: Only one – after that it’s not empty any more!

Q:What do you call ten rabbits marching backwards?
A: A receding hareline.

Easter Jokes for Kids

Q: How does the Easter Bunny stay fit?
A: Egg-xercise!

Q: What do you call an Easter Egg from Outer space?
A: An Egg-stra-terrestrial!

Q. How did the Easter Bunny rate the Easter parade?
A. He said it was eggs-cellent!

Q:What happened when the Easter Bunny met the rabbit of his dreams?
A: They lived hoppily ever after!

Q: What do you call a forgetful rabbit?
A: A hare-brain!

Egg Jokes for Kids

Q: Where does the Easter Bunny like to eat breakfast?

Q: Why was the Easter Bunny so upset?
A: He was having a bad Hare day

Q: Why did the Easter Bunny cross the road?
A: No bunny knows!

Q: How do you know that carrots are good for your eyes?
A: Have you ever seen a rabbit wear glasses?

Q: What did the eggs do when the light turned green?
A: They egg-cellerated

Easter Jokes for Kids

Q: Where does the Easter Bunny get his eggs?
A: From an eggplant!

Q: What day does an Easter Egg hate the most?
A: Fry-days

Q: What did the Easter Egg say to the other Easter Egg?
A: Have you heard any good yolks today?

Q: What is the Easter Bunny’s favorite type of music?
A: Hip Hop!

Q: What do you get if you pour boiling hot water down a rabbit hole?
A: Hot cross bunnies.

Easter Jokes for Kids

QWhat does the Easter Bunny say when it does a burp?
A: Eggs-cuse me!

Q: Why are people always tired in April?
A: Because they’ve just finished a March

Q: What do you call a rabbit that tells good jokes?
A: A funny bunny!

Q: What does a rooster say to a hen he likes?
A: Your one hot chick!

Q: What is the Easter Bunny’s favorite dance?
A: The bunny hop!

Easter Jokes for kids

Q: Why won’t Easter eggs go out at night?
A: They don’t want to get “beat up”

Q: Why don’t you see dinosaurs at Easter?
A: Because they are eggs-tinct!

Q: How does Easter end?
A: With the letter ‘R’

Q: Why did the Easter Bunny cross the road?
A: He saw the chicken doing it and thought it looked egg-citing!

Q: How can you tell which rabbits are the oldest in a group?
A: Just look for the grey hares

Want to take these Easter Jokes for Kids with you to your Easter gathering? Print them out here!


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  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    Hilarious! I especially like this one: Q: What kind of jewelry does the Easter Bunny wear?
    A: 14 carrot gold!

  2. haha,we had so much fun with this everyday since Easter…..

  3. You have any other kid jokes,i’m so tired of hearing these from the boys

  4. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    Kids will absolutely adore these jokes – I myself can never remember a joke but they sure would. 🙂

  5. glad they loved them, you could try our star wars jokes next!

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