The new Fire Station Sets from Playmobil!



We had the opportunity to review The Playmobil Fire Station and Fire Ladder Unit! These sets come with all the tools for some firefighter role play! Every detail is included. These sets provided the boys with hours of fun!


playmobil fire station


The first set we unboxed was the Fire Station! The boys had a great time putting it together! The instructions as always are super easy to follow! There were a few pieces I had to help them to snap together but overall it was quite easy! We broke up the assembly time to keep them engaged!


playmobil fire station


The Fire Station had some very cool features that the boys couldn’t wait to take advantage of! The anticipation of setting up the helicopter was particularly exciting for them! They couldn’t wait to get it into action!


playmobil fire station


I love all the little details that Playmobil provides like the helmet with the microphone attachment for the helicopter pilot! The boys pretended to communicate with each other with the added accessories like the control centre!

Another awesome feature of this set is the firefighter pole that the boys absolutely adored!


playmobil fire station


It was so much fun seeing them methodically preparing for emergencies and creating stories with the real functioning alarm and countless accessories! The firefighter experience would not have been complete without the Fire Ladder Truck of course!


playmobil fire station


The boys loved that not only did the fire truck come with all the tools necessary for the firefighters to perform their jobs and keep the community safe, but there are also functioning lights and sounds!!! The ladder unit was especially exciting for them as they could reach up high to put our blazing fires! The fire hose also provided a ton of imaginative play!

 playmobil fire station


Thank you so much Playmobil for these wonderful sets to inspire the boys to play and create great stories together! If you have a firefighter enthusiast at your house we would definitely recommend these sets! Playmobil also has additional sets like a real functioning Water Cannon and Water Pump that I think would really take the play to the next level! These sets would make amazing holiday gifts and would be wonderful for learning in the classroom as well! Thanks again Playmobil!


playmobil fire station



  1. Debbie White-Beattie says

    My nephews love to play with their playmobil toys

  2. My best friends son is the fan!

  3. Jennifer P. says

    My Playmobil fans are my 12 year old and my 7 year old.

  4. My two younger grandsons!

  5. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    This would be for one of my younger grandchildren if I was lucky enough to win 🙂

  6. Anne Taylor says

    We have a couple of 4yr old grandkids and a 2yr old who would love this

  7. My grandson is a Playmobil fan.

  8. My granddaughter just loves Playmobil.

  9. My granddaughter just loves Playmobil as it is great for imaginative play.

  10. Jennifer Wilson says

    My 5 year old grandson loves Playmobil!

  11. My 7 & 10 yr old are my playmobil fans!

  12. TIffany Collins says

    My nephews are the hugest Playmobil fans. Right now they are big into the community helpers so this would be perfect!

  13. My grandson loves Playmobil. It has really helped him develop his imaginative play skills.

  14. My son and grandkids love Playmobil.

  15. My grandson is a big fan, he would be thrilled with this!

  16. wendy hutton says

    my great niece is a huge fan

  17. Rosanne Robinson says

    My niece’s son is a huge Playmobil fan & loves fire trucks.

  18. My Playmobil fans are my grandchildren! They love Playmobil! Thank you!

  19. All three of my kids are big playmobil fans – they love all the detail that goes into the sets, it allows for great pretend play!

  20. All my nieces and nephews are crazy for Playmobil

  21. My nieces love Playmobil.

  22. My Playmobil fans are my younger grandkids!

  23. Twingle Mommy says

    All 3 of my kids love Playmobil but my son is the biggest fan.

  24. Nena Sinclair says

    My grandson, Xander, loves Playmobil!

  25. angie andrews says

    My youngest loves Playmobil 🙂

  26. My granddaughters are all about Playmobil and also all about fire station. My granddaughter has her room done in firestation

  27. Carol Denny says

    Its for my nephew He loves fire trucks so I know he would be over the moon for this.

  28. Carol Denny says

    For my nephew, he love fire trucks.

  29. Juliee Fitze says

    My grandkids love playing with the different kits.

  30. My grandson loves playmobil!

  31. LYNN CLAYTON says

    my son loves playmobile

  32. Amy Heffernan says

    My son is!!!!

  33. My nephew is

  34. My grandson loves Playmobil.

  35. Both grandsons, ages 2 and 4, are crazy about Playmobil! They’re also crazy about firetrucks. This is a wonderful Playmobil set!!

  36. My kids are Playmobil fans!

  37. My youngest is the Playmobil fan

  38. kristen visser says

    my oldest and middle daughter both are but definitely my oldest

  39. my grandson

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  41. Ivy Pluchinsky says

    My niece loves playmobil

  42. My grandson is a big Playmobil fan

  43. Wendy Jensen says

    My Playmobil fan is our Granddaughter.

  44. Both my boys, such great toys for their imagination

  45. Jocelyn Paprocki says

    My son and daughter would love this!

  46. Brenda Smith says

    My beautiful grandson Carter loves Playmobil toys. We would spend lots time playing with this one!

  47. Playmobil toys have been popular with my son since he was 18 months. We started with the Playmobil 123 sets and have moved into the more complicated one in the last 2 years. He would love to add this to his collection. Thanks for sharing your experience through your boys. They look like they are having a blast!

  48. mt students are my Playmobil fans!

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  50. i have a lot of nieces and nephews who all enjoy playmobile

  51. My nephew is a Playmobil fan.

  52. All my kids enjoy playing with Playmobil.

  53. peter weber says

    That will be me as are children have grown-up waiting for the grandchildren Wife runs a home daycare and I sometimes buy play mobile toys as I did for our children growing up and are still used by the daycare children

  54. My nephew is the playmobil fan

  55. Both my son and daughter love Playmobil. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  56. Anne Derkat says

    I have an imaginery friend who is a fan.

  57. My great-niece is the Playmobile fan.

  58. My niece!

  59. Tracy Taylor says

    My youngest daughter…and her dad 😉

  60. Sandra Dufoe says

    My nephews are fans of playmobile.

  61. Both my girls –ages 6&4- are playmobil fans!

  62. Both my girls are playmobil fans.

  63. My niece’s daughters are Playmobil fans.

  64. My little boy! He loves it!

  65. my niece and nephews love love love playmobile!

  66. My nephew’s little girl is my Playmobil fan.

  67. Edith Rennes says

    My grandson is a big fan.

  68. Heather Swanson says

    My friend’s little boy Dallas.

  69. M’y son is just getting old enough to really get into it.

  70. My great grandson would be my playmobil fan.

  71. My little grandson is the Playmobil fan!

  72. My 6 year old grandson loves Playmobile.

  73. both my kids are, they would love this!

  74. Both my boys love Playmobile.

  75. Julie Bolduc says

    My daughter loves them

  76. I would gift this to a little 4 year old neighbour. She wants to be a fireGIRL. lol

  77. My nephew loves to destroy and rebuild. He is also very creative.

  78. Margaret Huitema says

    My granddaughter!

  79. My daughter

  80. Both of my kids love Playmobil toys!

  81. I still have some Playmobil toys from when my children were young and now my grandchildren enjoy playing with them.

  82. Sopheap Pich says

    My nephew would love this

  83. Melissa Avey says

    My daughter is my Playmobil fan

  84. This would be for my nephew!

  85. Erica Seaman says

    My little neighbor Kellan would love this.

  86. My son of course but I am actually. The stellar quality ranks higher for me than lego .

  87. My nephew is a Playmobil fan.

  88. My son is the Playmobile fan. I would love to win this for him for Christmas! He would be thrilled!

  89. My daughter is a playmobil fan

  90. My Nephew is the biggest fan!

  91. My little grandson loves Playmobil–and he loves firemen and firetrucks. Looks very cool!

  92. The Playmobil fan I know is my nephew and now my son is beginning to explore it.

  93. Cheryl Germain says

    My niece and I are Playmobil fans

  94. My younger daughter loves Playmobil!

  95. Florence Cochrane says

    My nephew is my Playmobil fan

  96. Florence Cochrane says

    My nephew is my Playmobil fan.

  97. Krystyl Olson says

    the whole family is playmobile fans! I love that it spans the generations as well as is not a ‘baby’ toy or a ‘big kid only’ toy….

  98. My daughter is a Playmobile fan!

  99. Clair Palmer says

    I have 3 boys who all love Playmobile

  100. My son is the Playmobil fan in our house.

  101. Sarah Ahmad says

    My son would love this. He loves all automobiles.

  102. Stephanie LaPlante says

    My little cousins are the Playmobil fans in my family. They really do have the coolest toys.

  103. My daughter loves Playmobil 🙂 she could play with them for hours.

  104. Marissa Buffett says

    My sons Aiden & Roman are both huge playmobil fans!

  105. Lisa Neutel says

    i would this for my newest nephew his dad is a fireman

  106. My niece love Lego , she would be so happy

  107. Marc-Andre Taillefer says

    My 8 year old son loves Playmobile.

  108. Aarone Mawdsley says

    my friends childrens

  109. My friends son ! He calls me Aunt , I love it , he’s just adorable !

  110. My niece is the Playmobil fan. She has such a big imagination. It’s fun playing with her and watching her play on her own to see what she comes up with.

  111. My son is a big fan

  112. My son is a big fan.

  113. Shelley Butcher says

    My grandson would love the playmobil firetruck!🚒

  114. My grandson is just getting into these toys. He enjoys his farms and plains. I know he would like this one as well.

  115. My daughter is just getting into play mobile! Thanks for this review!

  116. My son Micah is our playmobil fan!

  117. My son! He has a set that he absolutely loves!

  118. Judy hunting says

    My, name, my daughter And my niece all love playmobil

  119. Both my kids love Playmobil. I wish we had more!

  120. My grandson would be a big fan!

  121. Erin McSweeney says

    my nephew would love having this what a great gift

  122. My daughter loves playmobil and I’m a volunteer firefighter so this would be well loved in out house!

  123. The little ones I babysit would love this Playmobil set

  124. My grand nephews love to build things and I love expanding their minds.

  125. Lisa Bolduc says

    Not gonna lie we all are in our family. we love how durable they are and the fact that they come with warranty. But my 5 year old little boy would go nuts for his

  126. My son is my Playmobil fan

  127. both my grand daughters loves playing with playmobil

  128. Doreen Lamoureux says

    My little nephew is for sure. Have a great night everyone.

  129. Pauline Milner says

    Patrick got the Playmobil NHL Arena set for his birthday recently. He plays with it all the time. He also has a couple of smaller Playmobil toys that get a lot of play time. I love the longevity of their products due to their superior construction. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

  130. kathy downey says

    My grandson loves Playmobil,and would love to play with this fun set!

  131. sabina edwardsw says

    Both Dylan and Emily play with Playmobil here

  132. Serena white says

    My son absolutely loves trucks, especially fire trucks 🚒

  133. Tiffany Rotulo says

    My two boys age 4 and 7 love Playmobil.

  134. My two grandsons love Playmobil !

  135. Kevin Linkie says

    My other half’s Nieces twins, such beautiful toddlers.

  136. I have a few nephews who would love this set!

  137. Sarah alexis says

    I think I’m the biggest fan in our house!!! Lol. I’d love to win this to gift it to my good friends son!

  138. My son is the fan!

  139. My daughter’s best friend, John, is a huge Playmobil fan. He has 6 sisters so this would be a great gift for him!

  140. Margaret Huitema says

    My granddaughter

  141. My boys are big fans of Playmobil.

  142. nicolthepickle (Nicole Graham) says

    My son is a playmobil fan.

  143. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says

    It is for our family to play with

  144. Allison Matz says

    My grandson.

  145. My daughters are huge fans

  146. All my boys are Playmobil fans.

  147. Rosanne Robinson says

    We have a huge family, with 10 little ones that all enjoy Playmobil toys, they would have a blast with these!

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