Make the most out of your Lakes of Wasaga, Parkbridge Vacation

Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities Inc. offers camping at it's finest with their Cottage & RV Resorts.  Each resort across Canada is a little different and while many guests are actually residents, meaning they own their unit and pay for their exclusive use of the land, others are renting a unit … [Read more...]

Lakes of Wasaga Beach Vacation

My family loves the beach. No doubt about it, we are five little beach bums and this summer we ventured out to Simcoe County to visit Wasaga Beach. Wasaga Beach has been long hailed as one of the premier tourist destinations in Ontario and for good reason, just two hours north of Toronto you'll find … [Read more...]

How to get beach ready summer skin with Nair

After such a long cold winter, summer is finally here! Well, not everywhere yet, but it can’t hurt to be ready once the sun finally comes out. Soon there will be family barbeques, beach parties and warmer temps, giving you the excuse to pull out your shorts, summer dresses and flip flops. Make sure … [Read more...]

Life’s a Beach with Banana Boat SunComfort Sunscreen Spray

We are a family of beach bums, all five of us could just spend hours reading, playing and relaxing on the beach. The kids love to get in the water and swim, but to be honest, I'm more of a land lover, that warm sand is far more appealing to me than the cold water. It's mostly for this reason that I … [Read more...]

Memories of the Beach Christmas Ornament

This year we spent a fair bit of time playing on some pretty amazing beaches! From Turks and Caicos in the Spring to Jamaica in the Fall, our family has been blessed with fond memories of snorkeling, boat rides, and building castles in the sand. To keep those memories alive and well all year long, … [Read more...]

Find out how to get a Free Beach Tote this Summer from Special K

Kelloggs has come out with some fun new products just in time for Summer!  Fuel your hectic days and curb hunger with Kellogg’s Special K Protein cereals, toss Kellogg’s Special K Pastry Crisps in Cookies & Cream flavour or Kellogg’s Special K Protein Shakes in Café Mocha flavour into your … [Read more...]

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