Hairy Gets A Cut

Remember Hairy? who was actually bald when you met him! You can read my post on how to make him here.
I’ve been meaning to post some shots of his new ‘do for ya. The boys love watering them and watching them grow. They sit outside on our porch railing and peek in the windows at us. We’ve had a chance to cut their hair twice now and they are due for another any day. Middle Man took a real liking to them one day and started to carry them around like dolls! not good. had to go for a big distraction there!
Here’s the Hairy’s in need of their first cut:
 The Boys wield scissors and give him a cool crew cut:
Looking good Hair 1 and, uh, Hairy 2!
of course it grows back:
And off to the barbers for another cut:
You get the picture! Never ending FuN for the boys….


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