Start Your Engines…it’s a Race Car Birthday Cake!

All 3 of my boys, plus my husband have their birthdays within 10 days of each other! I know, it’s A LOT of cake!! First I showed you our ‘Groovy Tie Dye Cupcakes’ for Big Brother’s birthday, then I showed you the delicious ice cream cake we devoured for Middle Man and Hubster’s birthday and lastly Little Buddy turned 2 and boy did he ever! Terrible two’s are among us, see the damage here!

This was Little Buddy’s Race Car Cake:

I kind of tossed it together on the fly, having most of the items left over from Big Brother’s 3rd birthday cake.

We used a regular box of chocolate cake mix, made two 9 inch rounds and stacked them using chocolate icing all over and in between layers. Then I used black sugar to create the race track ( it looks so much like asphalt ) I used green butter cream icing for the grass and the number 2. We had the flags and package of tiny race cars in the house already so those went on next and that blurry stuff on the side is his name spelled out on candy melts. So sorry for the blur, I always do that to protect the kids names, but it really did look awesome! I used the butter cream and piped on each letter to the flat side of  a white candy melt and then just pressed it into the chocolate icing. It held up nicely!


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    This race track is really neat and I never would have thought of something like this. I love the checkered flags

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