Fall Wishes Granted with Scholastic Canada

Scholastic Canada has some fun new reads for little ones this Fall! We had the pleasure of receiving the following three titles and I have to say we have some new favourites on our list! You will too! Check out the books below and then enter to win some new books of your own!

Let’s Get Started!

A Gold Star for Zog
By Julia Donaldson, Illustrated by Axel Scheffler

This is a new family favourite for our house, the boys ask for Zog again and again! It’s a wonderful back-to-school book and with our Middle Man starting Junior Kindergarten this year it was one he was very interested in and helped to build excitement! All the dragons start school in year one and continue year after year learning how to fly, roar, breathe fire,  and even steal princesses! As it turns out a new friend is a princess and helps him make the grade! The illustrations are fantastic!


The Very Hungry Bear
By Nick Bland

Bear isn’t having any luck catching fish, but he meets a polar bear that is quite skillful. With the polar bear’s iceberg melting fast, the pair quickly try to find a place to stay together to share the fish. A nice story in friendship and in the importance of preserving our environment.


By Jean Little

Jean Little is one of Canada’s best-loved children’ts writers and continues the tradition with her new book out this month – Wishes. Jean takes some of children’s most popular wishes and puts them together with some bouncy rhymes!

If wishes were ice cream,
our cones would be doubles.
If wishes were soapsuds,
we’d blow shining bubbles.

Cute right? So what would you wish for??? Think about it for a bit because I’m going to put your poetry skills to the test!!

Scholastic Canada has a fun little prize for a fellow Canuck! In the comments section below tell me something you would wish for and bonus points for following Jean Little’s rhyming pattern and coming up with your own!!!
Oh come on now, I know you can do it! Play along, Here’s one from me

If wishes were baking
I’d make chocolate cake
If wishes were bedtime
I’d stay up late!

Ha! See, anyone can do it! Let’s hear yours!

Three winners (based on random.org not how fabulous your wish is!) will each receive a copy of Jean Little’s Wishes PLUS a book of their wishes from Scholastic Canada’s September Reads, there are some really great titles to choose from including a number of hockey titles and some upcoming holiday books!

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  1. If wishes were sunshine
    You’d always be warm
    If wished were raindrops
    We’d float to the sun

  2. If wishes were music,
    we’d always be on key.
    If wishes were toys,
    you’d always play with me.

  3. If wishes were chocolate,
    That would be sweet, true.
    But if wishes were airplanes,
    I’d be partying with you!

  4. If wishes came true
    I be on a plane
    Thinking of the big hugs and kisses
    waiting for me.

  5. a happy day, my kids and me…no fighting, just quiet and happy faces.

  6. If wishes were like my little girls
    I would like to have another one.
    If wishes were want me to finish
    Then I would like this to be done.

  7. lori butler says:

    i’m really terrible about rhymes

    if I were to wish
    just one thing to come true
    i would want that wish
    that i would always be with you

  8. If wishes were wine
    I’d have two glasses
    If wishes were bubble baths
    I’d have one every night

  9. If wishes were whispers
    Our lives would be pure
    If wishes were angels
    We’d all find the cure

  10. if a wish were a bowl full of mush,
    you would smear them in your hair,
    if I weren’t in a rush,
    I would hardly care:)

    Not quite the form but very true to life

  11. If wishes were magical
    To DisneyWorld we’d fly
    If wishes came true
    I’d go there with you

  12. If wishes were kisses
    you would be soppy
    my wishes are liquid
    like a dog’s ear’s are loppy
    I also wish you a hug
    to keep you snug.

  13. julie bolduc says:

    If i was free
    i`d fly so high
    to see the clouds
    to be free as a bee

  14. If wishes were raindrops,
    I’d look forward to the clouds,
    If wishes were rainbows,
    I’d find a pot of gold.

    rafflecopter name: Lisa K

  15. cindy lee mckenzie says:

    If wishes were health
    doctor-free we would be
    If wishes were peace
    white flags would be floating merrily

  16. I would wish for more time to sleep in!

  17. Jennifer Barata Allen says:

    inlimited amounts of chocolate

  18. I wishes were fishes
    I’d be catching you
    If wishes were lollipops
    I’d want two!

    *fishes is entirely artistic license… I’m aware that fish is already plural. 😛 I think I should copyright this one.

  19. if wishes were travel,
    our suitcases would be ready
    if wishes were romance,
    it would include a teddy.

  20. Happiness and a healthy family to be hopefully soon is my wish!!

  21. James Brown says:


  22. If wishes were summer
    We’d dance in the street
    If wishes were like Disneyland
    We’d have Mickey to meet!

  23. If wishes were raindrops,
    I’d look forward to the clouds,
    If wishes were rainbows,
    I’d find a pot of gold.

  24. bina edwards says:

    If wishes were books
    I’d escape my day
    If wishes were like water
    They’d flow my way!

  25. If wishes were pennies
    I’d toss them into a well
    If wishes were loonies
    I’d donate them to be swell.

    I’m not the best rhyme-er…..

  26. If wishes were babies,
    I’d have another two more,
    If wishes were mops,
    I’d never have to wash the floor! 🙂

  27. If wishes were money
    I’d quit my job
    If wishes were food
    I’d eat corn on the cob (at dinner every night).

  28. I’d wish for happiness and love
    Others being free as a dove
    I’d wish for seeing my kids grow old
    All those memories made I would hold

  29. If wishes were princesses,
    My daughter would be the loveliest.
    If wishes were happiness,
    Our world would be the best of best.

  30. If wishs were cupcakes
    I’d have a dozen
    To eat with my Granddaughter
    Just because I love her!

  31. Melissa Avey says:

    If wishes were hugs
    I’d give them all day
    So I could help everyone
    In every way!

  32. If wishes were snuggles
    I’d have so many
    I could give them to others
    Who didn’t have any

  33. Tanja Paquette says:

    if my wish came true
    my kids faces would turn blue
    cause my wish would be
    for all of them to listen to me!

  34. If wishes were sleep
    I will go to bed now
    If wishes were food
    I will eat right away

  35. If wishes were puppies
    I’d have warm snuggles
    If wishes were children
    I’d have a quiver full

  36. if wishes were granted
    I’d make sure I planted
    a garden of friends,
    and of health to go with them.

  37. If wishes were butterflies,
    I’d flutter all day.
    If wishes were sunshine,
    You would brighten my day

  38. If wishes were music,
    we’d all sing a song.
    If wishes were canoes,
    we’d paddle along.

  39. if wishes were rainbows
    and miracles were blue
    i’d wish for everything to be okay
    so that all of our dreams could come true

  40. Here goes. great book swag too.thanks.

    If wishes were big bugs,
    Our arms would give big hugs,
    If wishes were flying doves,
    I would give you more BIG LOVES.

  41. i wish for good grades

  42. If wishes were blankets
    we’d snuggle up tight
    If wishes were stories
    we’d be reading all night

  43. If wishes were soft pillows
    We’d sleep like logs
    If wishes were tadpoles
    We’d have a million frogs

  44. Leisa McBride says:

    I wish for a book
    To take a look
    For the magic inside
    It cannot hide!

  45. If wishes were chocolate,
    I would need a keg,
    If wishes were ice cream,
    I’d need Jenny Craig! 😉

  46. If wishes were socks,
    our feet would be warm.
    If wishes were bees,
    we’d be in a swarm.

  47. i love scholastics … got a library full … i teach preschoolers and they ove the funny stories and educationnal one … makes them smile, learn and gives them self esteem .

  48. Carole Dube says:

    If wishes were dog
    I would have a poppy
    If wish were flowers
    I’d pick a daisy

  49. If wishes were giggles,
    We’d be laughing all day.
    If wishes were joy,
    We’d play all day.

  50. if wishes were hugs
    I’d be smothered in cuddles
    and if wishes were rain
    I’d be splashing in puddles

  51. If wishes were money
    I would have a ton
    To share with my family
    and everyone

  52. If wishes were stars in the sky
    I’d reach up and grab them all
    I’d hand them to you
    and bid you bye-bye

  53. I would wish for a nice warm bubble bath.

  54. Natalie Lamb says:

    If wishes were sunshine
    Id get a burn
    I like this wish game
    But now its your turn!

  55. I wish for endless amounts of yarn, or dale jr.
    and I don’t rhyme 😛

  56. Rhonda W G. says:

    If wishes were true
    I’d ask for the moon
    Also, the sun and the stars
    Not a minute too soon!

  57. deanna_boocock says:

    Saturdays to be three days a week to sleep in, curl up in bed and read.

  58. If wishes were baby giggles,
    Our home would be filled smiles.
    If wishes were family vacations,
    We could all travel together for miles.

  59. Roberta Pentney says:

    If wishes were beauty
    my daughter’s eyes I would see
    If wishes were sweetness
    my son’s arms surround me.

  60. If wishes were counted in night of sleeps
    My kids would go to bed without a peep
    They would eat their meals and clean their plates
    One more thing they would never be late

  61. Wayne Lecoy says:

    Please Enter Me In Your Fall Wishes Granted with Scholastic Canada Book Giveaway.
    It Would Be Great To Win A Copy Of Wishes By Jean Little And One That I Get To Choose.
    In Response To Your Question Of What would you wish for?
    I Would Wish For Everyone To Have At Least One Dream Come True
    Wish For Something To Make Them Feel Happy And Not Blue.
    It Might Be A Trip To Their Dream Destination
    Or Winning A Prize That’ll Give Them A Sensation.
    Thank You For Having This Giveaway!!!!

  62. Maegan Morin says:

    If wishes were candy
    wouldnt that be sweet!
    if wishes were chocolate
    oh boy what a treat!

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