The Prismatic World Tour hits Toronto!

Katy Perry made her COVERGIRL debut in 2013 and I honestly couldn't think of a better fit for the brand! This is a girl that loves to play dress up and is colourful both inside and out! Her latest concert tour, the Prismatic World Tour, shows us just how much! It's all about costumes, colour and … [Read more...]


I remember the first time I saw Pink as a COVERGIRL in a magazine. I had probably seen hundreds of Easy, Breezy, Beautiful ads in the past and never taken much notice of the fresh faces and megawat smiles, but this! Pink as a COVERGIRL?! This definitely caught my eye! Pink is strong, fierce, … [Read more...]

Kidz Bop Halloween Hits! {Giveaway}

Halloween is just around the corner! Let KidzBop get your little ghosts and goblins in the spooky spirit this year with KidzBop Halloween Hits! Don't throw a Halloween party without KidzBop Halloween Hits! This is perfect for classroom parties, home parties or just background music for answering … [Read more...]

Kidz Bop Ultimate Hits CD Giveaway

Are your kids ready to Party in the USA with the brand new release from Kidz Bop?? I Got a Feeling, your kids will think Kidz Bop Ultimate Hits is Dynamite! … [Read more...]

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