Quick & Easy Ice Cream Cake


A quick and easy ice cream cake recipe that you can change up with different flavours every time you make it! 


Last year my oldest asked for an ice cream cake for his birthday. Since we were actually having his party at Chuck E Cheese’s, it just wasn’t possible and he got these Minecraft Creeper Cupcakes instead. So this year, I knew I would plan an ice cream cake just for him. I found a few different recipes on pinterest and took the parts I liked from each one and mashed them all together to create this quick and easy Ice Cream Cake recipe that everyone loved! 


Quick and Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipe


It really turned out amazing!!! So fast and easy to prepare, looks colourful, and the best part – it tastes great!!

Once you cut into the cake, it’s a pretty impressive site to see all these layers of cookie and ice cream!


Quick and Easy DIY Ice Cream Cake


So let’s build an Ice Cream Cake shall we?

Quick and Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipe

You’ll need

10 Ice Cream Sandwiches
1 box of ice cream, any flavour, softened
1 tub of whipped cream
Ice Cream sundae syrup (I used both chocolate and caramel)
1 bag of M&M’s

Assembly Instructions

Find a pan you want to make the cake in, this will be the shape of your cake, a loaf pan might work well.  Line it with plastic wrap.

Next layer your ice cream sandwiches to fit into the pan. This may require cutting a sandwich or two.


Ice Cream Cake

Now which ice cream flavour did you choose??? I went with Birthday Cake Ice Cream! How fitting is that? It’s also a blue swirl which is my son’s favourite colour so it worked out perfectly! Spread the softened ice cream on top of the sandwich layer.



Now repeat. If you had to cut sandwiches like I did, switch sides for the cut pieces to give it some stability. Smooth the ice cream, fold the plastic wrap to cover and place in freezer until set, at least two hours or overnight. I really liked that I could make this part the day before.

When you are ready to decorate, remove the cake from the freezer. Pull the plastic wrap up, bringing the cake up and out of the container and flip onto a serving platter. Discard the plastic wrap. Frost with whipped cream, like you would a regular cake.


icing pm


For a finishing touch, drizzle with sundae syrup and sprinkle with bright and colourful M&M’s, now that’s a party cake!


Quick and Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipe


Quick and Easy Ice Cream Cake


The cake was a big hit with the birthday boy who was turning 9! Where did all those year go????? I cannot believe I have a 9 year old, next year is double digits!! Gah!!! sloooooow Doooooown!!!

ice cream cake


ice cream cake


I really loved how versatile this basic recipe is. By changing up ice cream flavours and toppings, you can make a new and interesting cake every time. I even saw ice cream sandwiches with bright coloured ice cream and a vanilla cookie shell the other day, so the options really are endless! 


Quick and Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipe - Mom vs the Boys


Ice cream cakes are perfect for summer gatherings and birthday parties any day of the year! 

Here’s another easy ice cream cake recipe to try!

Chocolate Milkshake Ice Cream Cake - Mom vs the Boys


  1. Many Many Many more happy birthdays. You are so talented and resourceful.
    Many ice cream cakes are so expensive. You are a wonderful Mom. I feel like I was just sitting at My Daughters; Grade 8 Grad.Now she will be starting Grade 11 in the Fall. c High School Flies then their friends and work ; take up all their time. Enjoy all their time now! Thanks for always sharing your great recipes. Whoever, has you in their life is blessed.

    • momvstheboys says

      Thanks Bonnie, we often buy ice cream cakes, but not anymore! This was a lot cheaper and tasted just as good!

  2. loucheryl says

    This cake is amazing! My boys would go crazy if I made it for them. Love the photos too!

  3. Doris Calvert says

    That looks great!

  4. Lynda Cook says

    Now that is one awesome birthday ice cream cake, and a whole lot cheaper than the store bought ones, I think I’m going to make one on the weekend just because it looks so dang good!!

  5. What a great idea!

  6. That looks great, well done!

  7. Anne Taylor says

    Now this is a brilliant ice cream cake! Well done and stolen now by me lol

  8. I think even I could make that! lol… Happy Happy Birthday to your 9-year-old!! I hear ya on the slow down part. I’m going to have a 10-year-old this fall.

  9. Oh super cute and looks yummy too!

  10. You’re the best!

  11. Treen Goodwin says

    ohhhhh yummy thanks for sharing , this is a must try , looks so delish 🙂

  12. jamie hall says

    oh my this looks wonderful and sounds simple:)

  13. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    What a great cake, I’ve never dreamt of making an ice-cream cake but thanks to you I believe that I now could 🙂

  14. you’re like the queen of confections

  15. Victoria Ess says

    Using ice cream sandwiches is brilliant!!

  16. ohhhh my!! yum!! I’m gonna make icecream cake for my bf on his upcoming bday! thanks for the idea.

  17. Erika Letson says

    What an awesome cake, that looks so impressive! I’m pretty sure I could actually do this one!

  18. That is easy, way easier than I made in the past. Looks great.

  19. This is definitely a recipe that my girls and I could make together,

  20. perfect for a hot day like today

  21. I have made something very similar except once I drizzle the syrup on the top I drag my knife back and forth the full length of the of the cake as it makes a beautiful wave pattern. I also use Toffee bits instead of smarties = yummy 🙂

  22. I really want to make this for my boys. They would love it.

  23. I have three boys and have made your cake many times for their birthdays. It is always a crowd pleaser especially with the adults! Much better than regular cake!! Its winter here however ive just made it for my sons third birthday today, we have the fire roaring and visitors coming, and im sure the cake will be a hit.
    Thanks for the brilliant recipe!!

  24. kathy downey says

    Honestly i can’t wait to try this the kids will love it.

  25. Debbie White Beattie says

    This looks so Yummy ! I love ice cream bars and every other ingredient in this recipe

  26. Oh my gosh, now how simple is this ice-cream cake and looks so delicious and professional too. Will have to make one just BECAUSE I have a sweet tooth

  27. Geraldine says

    Where can I purchase the ice cream sandwiches?

  28. Doris Calvert says

    Looks terrific and easy, thanks for sharing.

  29. loucheryl says

    I’m going to buy the ingredients for this tomorrow. It will be a “end of school year” cake!

  30. That cake looks so yummy and easy to make!

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