5 Ways to Make Cleaning More Enjoyable

Let's face it, chores are just not fun, especially mom chores!  Somedays I'd like to go back to only being responsible for cleaning my own bedroom lol But alas, I'm stuck cleaning the whole house and you probably are too, so we might as well try to make it a little less....boring.  1.  Crank … [Read more...]

Superhero Shared Boys Bedroom

This summer was the perfect time to give my younger boys a full bedroom makeover. They are now 7 and 8 years old and share a room together. The previous room was a deep but bright green and blue with a ton of outer space wall decals, it definitely needed an upgrade. With school out for summer, the … [Read more...]

If my Dyson had a baby…introducing the Dyson Small Ball

Dyson is proud to introduce their newest bundle of joy, weighing just 5.5 kg, the Dyson Small Ball. That's right, it's like the big bad full sized Dyson's had a baby and she's got all their awesome Dyson genes but comes in half the size. The Dyson Small Ball I've been a Dyson fan for years … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning with Attitude {Giveaway}

Washing the dishes never smelled so good. No seriously, washing dishes has never been a favourite chore of mine, but THIS makes the task sooo much more enjoyable! Introducing ATTITUDE, a set of carinogen-free household cleaners with a fresh new scent - Pink Grapefruit! The refreshing … [Read more...]

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

When we first purchased our house, I was really excited to have an ensuite bathroom. After growing up in a house with only one washroom, I was just really excited to have the privacy I guess, but little did I know the future held three boys in store and now I couldn't be more grateful for that small … [Read more...]

Turning an old t.v. console into a bookshelf

We may have been the last family in Canada to still have an old clunky box tv. Okay, maybe not the last but we definitely held on to it for a long timein a room we rarely watched tv anyway. Recently we decided it was finally time to upgrade the room to modern times and get rid of the eyesore that … [Read more...]

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