Rainbow Cupcakes

Rainbow Cupcakes - Mom vs the Boys

The boys and I made these cute little cupcakes over the March Break. That’s because I thought Spring weather was right around the corner, turns out I was wrong, it was still a month away! But here it is mid April and Mother Nature has finally decided to co operate, hallelujah! Now that the cold and snow is finally behind us (knock on wood!) I wanted share our bright and cheery cupcakes with you. They are SUPER EASY and SUPER FUN to put together! oh, they are also SUPER TASTY to eat too! 

Rainbow Cupcakes - Mom vs the Boys

Rainbow Cupcakes

You’ll Need

Boxed cake mix, any flavour
Blue buttercream frosting
Mini marshmallows
Rainbow stip candy (Sour Straps)

Put It Together

Bake the cupcakes as directed and let cool.

Using a frosting spatula spread a wavy layer of blue icing over the entire cupcake to look like the sky.

rainbow cupcakes

Measure out your Sour Straps to a length that makes a nice rainbow without being too tall or it will fall over. We found our package of Sour Straps at the Dollarama in Wild Fruit flavour. Stick each end of the Sour Strap into the blue icing to form a rainbow and insert a few mini marshmallows at each end to look like clouds. 

rainbow cupcakes

The kids really loved these because they could do the whole thing themselves and they were very proud to show off their creations! 

Rainbow Cupcakes - Mom vs the Boys

Now hopefully the warmer Spring weather is here to stay so you can enjoy some Rainbow Cupcakes of your own, without having to dig your snowsuit back out of the closet when you leave the house! 

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  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    And there’s one proud little boy with his creation. They are cute cupcakes and no wonder children like to help make them (and eat them too!) 🙂

  2. loucheryl says:

    OMG, these are adorable! Such a great idea! My boys would love them.

  3. Leslie Crosbie says:

    Adorable!! I bake with my daughter all the time, actually my daughter does the baking and I ‘supervise’
    lol My kids also buy those sour candy strips, so I have all ingredients already!!

  4. Florence Cochrane says:

    Cute idea. My granddaughter would love to do those with me.

  5. These cupcakes are so cute! What a creative idea and I like how easy they are to make!

  6. Lynda Cook says:

    These are really cute cupcakes, I really like the frogs, super cute!!!

  7. These look super cute and easy!! I will have to make them with our girls as they just love rainbows 🙂

  8. Treen Goodwin says:

    These are super cute , wow , great for the lil ones to get involved , thanks for sharing , i will be trying this out 🙂

  9. Susan T. says:

    That’s really clever! Kids always love it when they can create their own food!

  10. Laurie P says:

    I’ll have to remember this when I’m planning my girls party……she loves all things rainbow 🙂

    Love the simplicity!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Victoria Ess says:

    These are seriously cute!

  12. Judy Cowan says:

    These are so cute, I am going to have to make them the next time my niece is over to visit. She loves to bake!

  13. Judy Cowan says:

    Just wanted to say that I did make these with a friend’s daughter and we had lots of fun. We added some coloured sprinkles too since she figured they needed them.

  14. Debbie White Beattie says:

    These cupcakes look really good and I like the sour candy rainbow

  15. kathy downey says:

    Great job young man!

  16. kathy downey says:

    Tried this yesterday with the wee ones and i’m still sweeping up marshmallows this morning……..grandma fun,loving it !

  17. Darren Scrubb says:

    Cute looking treat I look forward to make soon.

  18. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Love the cheerful frogs, could use those for St Patrick’s Day too.

  19. Love the rainbow in these!

  20. Judy Cowan says:

    Think I might try to make the frog ones for a birthday party this weekend, hopefully they will turn out!

  21. kathy downey says:

    We are going to try the Frog this weekend,hope they turn out as nice as those posted

  22. The rainbow cupcakes would be so cute for Easter.

  23. nicolthepickle says:

    Those little cupcake stands are everything. I love it.

  24. These are very cute cupcakes thank you for the neat idea gonna make them with my neice when she visits

  25. Carole D. says:

    My daughter and I made these for my 4 year old granddaughter birthday party. It was a rainbow party! My granddaughter help us too.

  26. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    The pride and happiness that’s beaming out of your son’s face is beautiful 🙂

  27. My girls have really taken to baking these days. I am hoping that my sons will, too.

  28. kathy downey says:

    We must make these for St. Patrick”s day,these are so cute!

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