Mommy and Son Shirts for Boymoms who want to match their Little Boys

We’ve all seen mothers and daughters go matchy-matchy and it’s super cute, but what about us boymoms right? With Mother’s Day right around the corner I was inspired to hunt down some of the best options out there for moms and their sons to rock the playground in some absolutely adorable matching Mommy and Son Tees! I was surprised at how many I was actually able to find, there are some stinking cute stuff hidden out there, and I’ve made them easier for you to find!

Mama Bear and Man Cub Tees
Etsy Seller JLLCustomDesigns- $49.78 CA for the set

Mom and son shirts

Boss Lady Tank – 23.99
Boss Baby Onesie– $23
Sorry Charli – Other colours available

mom and son shirts

Little Dude’s Mom Tank– 23.99
Mom’s Little Dude Tee – $23
Sorry Charli – Other colours available

mommy and son shirts

Mom and Son Battery Empty/Battery Full
Esty Seller Cherry Tees – $50.87 CA for the set

mom and son shirts

Mama Bear/Baby Bear Set
Etsy Seller The Oysters Pearl – $73.50 CA for the set

mom and son shirts

Mini Me Tee Set
Amazon – $31.99 US

mom and son shirts

Mama Bear/ Baby Cub Tee Set
Amazon – $27.99US

mom and son shirts

Mom of Boys/ Mama’s Boy Tee Set
Etsy Seller BabyWear2Me- $38.61 CA for the set

mom and son shirts

Mother of a Prince/ Son of a Queen Tee Set
Esty Seller Craaus- $49.47CA for the set

mom and son shirts

I’ll Keep You Safe/ I’ll Keep You Wild Tee Set
Etsy Seller Maley Designs – $45.23CA for the set

mom and son shirtsQueen/Prince Tee Set
Amazon – $27.99 US for the set

mom and son shirts

Wine – 23.99
Whine  – $21.99
Sorry Charli – Other colours available, also comes in a onesie

You’re Killin’ Me Smalls/ Smalls
Esty Seller Upstate Vinyl Kreations – $49.47 CA

 mom and son shirts

Esty Seller HelloHandpressed – $51.13 for the set

mommy and son shirts

Raising Gentlemen/Little Gentleman Set 
Etsy Seller MaleyDesigns- $45.51 CA

mommy and son shirts

Mommysaurus Rex/Babysaurus Rex Tee Set
Etsy Seller HelloHandpressed – $51.13CA

So many great options right? I like that some are obvious Mommy/Son shirts and others are more subtle or even gender neutral but not definitely not girly. These shirt sets will make family outings a blast but also make a perfect and memorable baby shower gift for friends and family members who are expecting or have added a new baby boy to their family! Need a gift tag to go with the gift? I got you covered with a free printable Baby Boy Gift Tag!

If you know of any other mommy and son shirts, let me know!

Pin the image below for when it’s time to go shopping! (Or to drop Mother’s Day hints! *wink wink*)

 Mommy and Son Shirts - Mom vs the Boys

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  1. These are so cute! Love them

  2. Janet M says:

    Thanks for the wonderful variety of adorable shirts.

  3. Omg those are so cute! Love them ♡

  4. nicolthepickle says:

    Oh, all of them. The Raising Gentlmen, and Mother of a prince. They’re so nice.

  5. Awesome shirts, especially the battery readout

  6. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I had to laugh hard seeing the mum’s almost empty battery and the son full of energy – so very fitting 🙂

  7. Carole D says:

    These are so cute! My favourite the mum’s almost empty battery and the son full of energy.

  8. Victoria Ess says:

    The babysaurus onesie is so cute!

  9. Too cute; love the mommy saurus, baby saurus one!

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