Gardening Activities for Kids

Since my boys were young they have loved getting dirty with me in the garden. It's really the perfect little mom and son activity if you ask me, I get my chores done and the boys get to dig, chase bugs and are free to get messy! It's a win-win! From planting seeds for our new vegetable garden to … [Read more...]

Playing Wildlife Photographer

It was a warm September afternoon, shortly after the boys had returned to school, when I was sitting out on my back lawn playing with our puppy. He was used to lots of attention and a much busier house over the summer holidays and now that it was just him and me for the day he was a bit bored and … [Read more...]

The Beauty of Beaches Resorts

Last month my son and I travelled to Turks and Caicos to help celebrate the grand opening of Beaches Resorts newest addition, Key West Luxury Village. What really impressed me beyond the beaches, pools and dining was all the details that go into making the resort so beautiful! From water fountains, … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday~ Roses are Red #WW

Daddy took the boys to the store and each one picked out a colour of flower that they thought I would like for Mother's Day. I ended up pretty spoiled with a red and white rose bouquet AND a pink spring bouquet! They were gorgeous!   The Pink bouquet I shared on Instagram Hope you … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday ~ Florida Sunset

  Kinda wishing we were right back here! The boys keep asking to go back to Florida for March Break, I like their thinking!  … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday ~ Butterflies – @Conservatory_

We took in a visit to the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory this past weekend. I'll post more details for you soon, but wanted to share some of the unique and beautiful creatures we saw on our visit!  Gorgeous right? If you get the chance to visit, take it! It's such a great place to take … [Read more...]

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