DIY Large Trash Bag Spiderwebs

DIY trashbag spiderweb

With just a week to go until Halloween, I finally have my fireplace mantel decorated for the holiday! This is the first year I’ve dressed up the room for Halloween, and didn’t want to spend a lot of money so I went with some stuff I already had on hand, and got a little creative too! Visit this post to see all the pieces!

The trashbag spiderwebs make a BIG impact and were simple and super cheap to make! I found this great idea over at All About Orange, a blog that’s now retired.

How to make a large spiderweb from a trash bag

Start with a standard black trash bag, trim off the sides and bottom so now you have two large pieces of plastic. Cut each one into a square shape instead of a rectangle. Don’t worry about measuring it, eyeballing it will do.

Fold one corner up to the next, making a triangle. Fold the triangle in half to make a smaller triangle and in half again. 

bag pinned arrow

Working with plastic is slippery! Use a few paperclips to help hold the sheet in place, it will help you when you start to cut!

Using a black sharpie, draw your lines onto the bag where you will be cutting. I used a silver sharpie so you can see them on my bag, but if you use black you won’t see them when you are done.

bag lines

Now grab some sharp scissors and start to cut along the lines trimming out the side pieces of the bag.


I don’t worry about making it perfect, once it’s done no one will notice and it will look great!

Once all the pieces are cut out, remove any paper clips still on and unfold

halloween mantel


I used mine for above my mantel, but they would look really great in a front window and since they are plastic, they are rain proof and can even go outside!

Happy Halloween!


  1. That looks so cool!

  2. Very cool, and super simple!

  3. Hey this is very cool…..bookmarked!

  4. I’m going to have to give these a try! They look amazing. 🙂

  5. Anne Taylor says:

    These are amazingly cool! We are going to have to try to make them! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Cool – we’re heading over to a friend’s house this year so we don’t want to do much decorating.

  7. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    This is a really cool idea, thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Judy Cowan says:

    What a great idea, definitely would be great to put several up outside! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh this is so cool. I love it. Think I will make some tonight with my son!

  10. sarah sar says:

    What a brilliant idea! This will be a fun activity to do with my kids.

  11. Great idea! And would be fun as table toppers too.

  12. Looks great! Love the idea 🙂

  13. kathy downey says:

    What a neat idea,i love it

  14. Very cool! I also use plastic table clothes (in black) to create spooky trees and stick them up on the walls like decals; we created owls and ravens with glowing eyes to perch on the branches.

  15. kathy downey says:

    I cant wait to make these again this year they were such a hot last year at the school party ans just pennies to make !

  16. loucheryl says:

    My boys will LOVE this! Halloween is HUGE in my home.

  17. Debbie White Beattie says:

    I’d never be able to come up with something like, this is really cool. you’re very creative

  18. Victoria Ess says:

    This is so neat! Thanks for sharing!

  19. This looks like an easy and cute decoration to make.

  20. Darren Scrubb says:

    A truly memorable creation for Halloween for sure.

  21. Lynda Cook says:

    Awesome, thanks for sharing, I will have to give this a try!!

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