Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Float

This Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Float recipe was sponsored by Nestlé. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


As the summer season comes to a close I’m equal parts eager for a crisp, colourful fall and wanting to hold on to the lazy warm summer days. It can be a little bit bittersweet to see the last of summer vacation go. We relish in the time with family, beach days, forest hikes, travelling as much as possible, but we also know how good it feels to get organized and settle back into a routine.

I’ve captured two of our favourite treats for the summer and fall months and blended them together into one sweet Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Float that celebrates both seasons! It’s so easy to combine the delicious taste of Carnation Hot Chocolate with your favourite ice cream, it will leave you wondering “why didn’t I think of that?”

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Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Float - Mom vs the Boys

Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Float

Yields: 4


4 Cups milk
1/2 cup CARNATION hot chocolate powder
Vanilla ice cream (or your choice of flavour)
Optional: NESQUIK chocolate syrup


For a pretty touch, decorate the rim of your mug with some chocolate syrup like Nesquik. Just squeeze a small puddle on a plate, invert your mug and press the rim into the syrup. Completely optional of course, but it is a fun touch if you are having guests or celebrating an occasion. First day back to school perhaps?


In a medium sauce pot combine milk and Carnation Hot Chocolate powder. Heat on medium heat and whisk until blended and desired temperature is reached. 

Place two scoops of vanilla ice cream into prepared mugs. You can use any flavour of ice cream you desire, I like to use a classic vanilla but go ahead and have fun experimenting with other flavours like mint or peanut butter. 



Carefully pour the hot chocolate over the scoops of ice cream and garnish with chocolate shavings, whip cream or simply leave it as is.


Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Float - Mom vs the Boys


The heat of the hot chocolate will slightly melt the ice cream creating a creamy decadent treat that’s both hot and cold at the same time. 


Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Float - Mom vs the Boys

Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Float - Mom vs the Boys


Carnation Hot Chocolate is made with pure cocoa for ultimate goodness. Sneaking in a scoop of ice cream is a fun way to cool off hot chocolate when it’s too hot for littles ones as well. So quick and easy. When serving children remember to keep your portion sizes small, if your mugs are quite large consider using a tea cup for children instead. 


Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Float - Mom vs the Boys


Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Floats are the perfect way to celebrate the last sweet days of summer while looking forward to a gorgeous autumn ahead! Enjoy!

Visit the Nestlé website –StirThingsUp.Nestlé.ca for more recipe inspiration featuring Carnation Hot Chocolate.



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  1. Oh gosh – this will be a great hit in the fall!

  2. kathy downey says

    Wow,the kids are going to love this !!

  3. VIctoria Ess says

    This looks amazing! So rich!

  4. Yummy is all I can say!

  5. WOW! I have to give this a try. My boys would love this too.

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  7. Oh wow this sounds awesome, and I will have to give it a try!!

  8. Yummy, sounds like a nice treat to me! Going to have to try it out.

  9. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    This is definitely a recipe that kids will love and ask for more.
    I’m not a fan of hot chocolate, my twin was though, strange eh? Perhaps I could try this with coffee. I usually make a summer drink of lemonade with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream in it, so creamy and delicious.

  10. Those look delicious. My husband and i have actually been doing a similar treat with our coffee. We add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to our hot coffee with one ice cube. So good on those hot summer nights! Hey, I also have a Birthday site you might be interested in. P.S. I also am a mom of only boys!

  11. kathy downey says

    I will be making this the first snowman of the Fall!

  12. My kids are already asking for hot chocolate. I think that I will surprise them with this!

  13. Looks delicious, I like ice cream and also chocolate milk.

  14. This is one treat that my granddaughter would devour, omg heaven in a cup!!

  15. Sounds like a perfect treat to me. Thanks for the recipe, will have to try it out.

  16. OMG I love that rim you have put on it.

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  18. This looks amazing!! My kids would go crazy over this, so I’ll definitely be making this soon to enjoy as a special treat.

  19. This rises to the top of my list for the next time I deserve to be indulged!

  20. This looks so good. I’ve only ever used ice cream and pop to make a float.

  21. sarah alexis says

    ICE CREAM FLOAT with HOT CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!! that is the best idea ever!

  22. Doris Calvert says

    That looks scrumptious! Thanks for sharing..I want one right now!

  23. Deb Dorrington says

    Never thought of a hot ice cream this amazing. My family would love this!

  24. this looks so yummy – thank you ! 🙂

  25. Delicious! Floats make me think of my childhood – great memories! Haven’t had one for a long time, so will use this as inspiration!

  26. This looks so good ! I am so going to make these on our next movie night ! The family will love it !

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  29. My kids would love this so much. 2 of their favourite things mixed together. I’ll be giving them this as a treat.

  30. I am going to make this for the grandkids next time they are here. I will probably make one for myself also it looks delicious and decadent.

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