Stocking Stuffers for Boys

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The stocking is often the first thing they grab on Christmas morning and while the items are usually small, they can also be the most fun to discover! I know my own boys look forward to their holiday stocking each year and truth is, I love watching their faces as they discover unique surprises and treats tucked down inside there. 

It can be hard to think up new and creative ideas each year and sometimes we get in a rut of the same old socks and underwear, so I’ve rounded up some ideas to keep you inspired on your hunt for some fun stocking stuffers for your boys this year. 

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Boys

Stocking Stuffers for Boys

Little Boys


Hot Wheels Cars


Glow Sticks

Fun Toothbrush

Character Bandaids

Bubble Bath or Colour Changing Tabs for the bath

Art Supplies (markers,crayons, sparkly glue, stamps etc)

Kinder Eggs

Night Light

Bath Toys and water colour changers

Finger Lights

Road Play Tape

Hex Bugs

Little Green Men Blind Box

Small Flashlights

Grossery Gang

Toy Shaving Kits

Tree Ornament (personalized!)

Fun Drinking Cups

Kidz Bop CD


Spiral Straws


Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Boys


Big Boys

Small LEGO Sets

LEGO Minifigures

Whoppie Cushions

Mini Sticks

Ball Hockey Balls

Fun Shoe Laces

Pokemon Cards

Hockey or Baseball Cards

Pez Dispensers

Silly Socks

Card Games like Uno or Skipbo


Deck of Cards

Fun Pencils or Pens

Stikbot Figures

Fidget Spinners and Cubes

Phone Stand

Mini Skateboards

Stress Ball

Movie Passes

iTunes Gift Card

Fishing Tackle


Hand Warmers


Nerf Bullets


Ear Buds

Comic Book

Minecraft Stuffies

Portable Battery Chargers for Phones

LEGO Minifigure flashlights

Joke Book

Patterned Duck Tape




Not Parent Approved

Water Bottle

Screen Cleaner



  1. Great list for stocking stuffers. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with items that don’t cost a fortune!

  2. Lynda Cook says:

    These are all great items for the boys, gives me some ideas for my grandson!!

  3. NormaJane (NJ) says:

    This is exactly what I will need in a couple of weeks because I am always leaving this to last moments. I do like giving movie passes in stockings. Seem those are no fail gifts 🙂

  4. I find that stocking stuffers can sometimes be a little trickier for boys, so these are some fantastic, very helpful ideas! (hot wheels are always a must in our house!)

  5. cute ideas

  6. Nice simple ideas that aren’t too costly.

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